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Title: instruction video's
Post by: Jean on July 04, 2020, 07:31:33 PM
This is a link to all the instruction video's.
Title: New Video - Venus Star Point
Post by: ABer on March 27, 2021, 06:10:24 PM
Hi there - there is a new video today. This one is about the Venus Star Point. You can view it at: (

Thanks. Ed
Title: Re: instruction video's
Post by: ABer on March 03, 2022, 10:16:44 PM
Thanks Kyle - I'm going to take a look at these videos. Thanks for sharing the links. All the best. Ed
Title: Re: instruction video's
Post by: KylePierce on March 04, 2022, 05:15:28 PM
Here's the latest page from my blog ( about the Coincidings app in PD. There are four video links at the bottom of this post that show Coincidings in action.

I want to give you a sense of what kind of astrology I am doing. First, I view biographies through astrological filters. These filters are combinations of major planetary aspects. When I search through the millions of Wikipedia biographies, I find those who were born during recurrences of the same aspect figure. In my years of using this approach, I have found that “astrology works” in this sense: some people born under similar planet figures will: 1) stand out because they exemplify the symbolism of those aspects; and 2) show life parallels because they stand out in analogous ways.

I’ve been studying a pressing question for astrologers who wish to understand planet combinations by seeing them in real life. Can we see differences between the bios of people born under different planet figures? The idea is to pick combinations that are distinct from each other. We are looking for sharp symbolic contrasts.

I've found notable people born under each of two planet figures. In one group are four subjects born during three Sun-Venus-Neptune stelliums, in 1795, 1881, and 1935.  In recent studies of these four, I characterized them as “visionary nature spirits” (Keats and Oliver) and “charismatic hypnotists” (MacLane and Erhard). Do they reflect different sides of Neptune?  Here are links to their Wikipedia pages:

Four other subjects were born during a single Sun-Mars-Saturn-Uranus stellium in 1897. That four-planet pile-up is unique within a 600-year range. I wasn’t looking for Uranus, but it was part of the Sun-Mars-Saturn huddle I found. This is as far from Sun-Venus-Neptune as I can imagine, symbolically speaking. What might we expect of such a combination? If you’re imagining major, world-class badassery, you’ll not be disappointed. These four men were all born Nov 21-26, 1897:

If there were a theory of “time waves” that manifest the symbolic activity of the planets over time, then this could perhaps be considered evidence in support of that theory. In the absence of any such theory, I still have a clear intuition of the hidden factors behind this phenomenon. I do see this as evidence of the symbolic activity of the planets over time, an activity of an intelligible nature.

Below are links to four video segments from a Zoom class on Saturday, Jan 29. The first two segments cover the group comparison just introduced above. The Trump segment is included by popular demand. The closing discussion is between Dale Nelson and me, with some observations that I hope are helpful for making sense out of this novel astrological method.

These videos are far from perfect, but I think they are worth sharing!

 Chart and Bios for the Su-Ma-Sa-Ur group:

Charts and Bios for the Su-Ve-Ne group:

Trump counterparts:

Closing discussion: