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Title: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 11, 2021, 01:24:19 PM
Hi everyone,

It is time to put Planetdance in action with Sports Astrology predictions.  :)

Note: About 90% of this method is based on American Jyotish astrologer Simon Chokoisky as described in his book Gambler’s Dharma - Winning with Vedic Astrology. Simon says that the method works with about 70% accuracy. His book contains about 40 example charts of real events that he bet money on and won, and he has the betting slips to prove it. As far as I know, Simon has been into the crypto currencies market for the past 3 years. Anyhow, my point is I have been researching his system and trying to improve its accuracy. As a result, I have had some valuable discoveries that improve the accuracy of the system, but it is a long journey. This will be the first time I share this on a public forum. Lastly, this analysis and prediction includes astrological methods only, that is, it does not take into account any sports factors, such as injuries of key players, suspensions, etc.

Special Note: 

This is being done for research purposes, at least as of writing this. If someone wishes to bet money on these Sports Astrology predictions, a whole other can of worms is opened. By that I mean, one has to know whether winning like this is promised in their nativity. On top of that, there are a number of rules of when NOT to bet. This is examined in detail in Simon’s book. Simon says he lost thousands of dollars and learned the hard way! Please do not assume you are above those rules!

The Match: Turkey vs Italy - 11 June 2021, 9.00 pm local time in Rome, Italy

The first match I will examine and predict is Turkey vs Italy. The odds are 7.00 for Turkey to win, 3.80 for a draw and 1.55 for Italy to win.

In this method, as in the Western method, the favourite is always given the Asc and its lord while the underdog is given the Dsc and its lord. To these are added the 10th house and its lord for the favourite and the 4th house and its lord for the underdog. The favourite is determined by the odds the bookmakers, which are sort of a consensus reality. I am in Europe and have always used decimal odds. So, the smaller odds always show the favourite. E.g. 1.55 for Italy means that if one bets 100 euro, they will get back their 100 euro + earn 55 euro in profit. Likewise, if someone bets 100 euro that the match will end in draw, they will win their 100 back + 280 euro in profit.

I am writing these basic explanations for the opening match and will not be repeating them for any other matches I examine and publish here.

The Method

The method comes from Indian Astrology/Jyotish and hence uses the sidereal Zodiac. Simon used Krishnamurti ayanamsha but then switched to Krishnamurti New, which is pretty much equals Lahiri. Whole Sign Houses are used, as well as the Placidus house system, which Krishnamurti used. Lastly, you must have the exact start of the match. In some cases a difference of 30-40 seconds, which is common in football, will weaken or even change some key points. The method uses the classical 9 planets in Indian Astrology. Trans-Saturnian planets, “Indian” planets Gulika and Upaketu, and a few asteroids are ONLY used if they are conj the house cusps given below within 2.00 degrees. So do not be alarmed when you see a chart full of unknown glyphs.

The favourite/fav gets houses 1, 3, 6, 10, 11.

The underdog gets the same houses from its house, that is, 7, 9, 12, 4, 5.

Victory House Technique

Malefics in the whole sign houses. The malefics are Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu/North Node, and Ketu/South Node.

Points range from 2.5 to 4 per planet. If a planet is in its exaltation, its gets +0.5 or even +1. If it also has directional strength/dig bala, it gets +0.5 or +1. If a planet is walking back/”retrograde” it gets an additional 0.5.
The benefics can act as malefics and give points only if they are exaggerated: “retrograde”, exalted, or in its own domicile and combust. Possibly also when they are their own nakshatra lords.

The favourite gets +2.5 points here because the Sun and Rahu are in the 6th and Ketu only is in the 12th.


When there is one or more benefics in the 12th and one or more in the 2nd, from the Asc or from the 7th, i.e. in the 6th and 8th whole sign house, this is called a SKY configuration. It is very favourable and gives 7-9 points depending on the planets and their zodiacal state.
Conversely, when there are malefics in these places, hemming in the Asc or Dsc, a PKY configuration is formed. It is negative, but Simon says it is not as negative as the SKY is positive for sports. It deducts - 7 points.

Here we have a PKY afflicting the Dsc/underdog, because the Sun and Rahu are in the 6th WS and Mars is in the 8th WS. That hurts the underdog. We write it as +7, because when + is given, it shows points to the favourite. When - is given, shows points added to the underdog.
Notice that Ketu and Saturn are hemming in the Asc and forming a PKY. Having said that, Ketu is not real planet, it is not visible in the sky, so this PKY is weaker than the other one and hence afflicts the favourite less. I would give it -4 points.

Other rules

Neither L1 nor L7 is combust. There is no planetary war either (when the relevant significators are conjunct within 1 degree of longitude).

There is mutual reception/generosity between Mercury and Venus, but I would not use it because both are in houses assigned to different teams, not one team. Otherwise it can give 3-4 points, depending on zodiacal state.

Lord 1 or lord 7 does not rule the day (Venus) or planetary hour (Mars). Otherwise I assign 3 points when it rules the hour and 5 points if it rules both. Simon does not mention these.

Cuspal Strength

No planet or asteroid is conjunct the 1st, 7th, 10th, 4th, 6th or 12th house cusp. Otherwise the (classical) planets give 7-9 points depending on orb and nature. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Gulika, Upaketu or asteroids give 7 points. The orb is 2.30 degrees for planets and 2.00 degrees for the others. It can only be slightly extended (15 to 30 min) if a planet is exalted or “retrograde”, but be careful with this orb extension. No planets are conj cusps, so I will not elaborate here is it will become way too long. There are no stolen cusps either. For the definitions, I refer those interested to Simon’s book.

Navamsha/D9 Strength and Navamsha combos in D9 Asc or Dsc

Planets conj the D9 Asc degree or D9 Dsc degree within 2.30 degrees. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Upaketu, Gulika within 2.00 degrees. Planetdance does not show the degrees of the divisional/varga charts, so I had to calculate them by hand or use other software. If Planetdance can show the degress that would be really useful. There are no contacts/activations in the D9 chart. Again, I am not gonna elaborate here is it will become way too long.

No D9 planetary combos in this chart.

Krishnamurti Sublords Table Strength of Sublord vs Sublord 7

We are only interested in the comparison between sublord of the 1st house vs the sublord of the 7th cusp. This calculation takes time, which is why I registered and asked Ed if he would program it. I already calculated the table and explained in detail how it is done here:,162.0.htm

The file, which I have attached here as well, is called: Krishnamurti-Chokoisky sublord 1 vs sublord 7 table for Turkey vs Italy.

Here the favourite gets a 10+ point advantage.

Sublord Array

When all 12 sublords from the Krishnamurti table (also given in the above post as well as table) occupy house assigned to one of the teams, that gives a 7-9 point boost. In other words, if the sublords of all the 12 house cusps are situated, by whole sign houses, either in 1, 3, 6, 10, 11, or in 7, 9, 12, 4, 5, that team gets these points.

Since the 8th and 2nd houses are neutral in this method, if say 2 sublords fall there, while the remaining ones fall in the houses of the fav or the dog, the boost can still be counted as valid, though I would give it 7 points, not 9.

Simon also says that if this method does not apply to a chart to examine whether sublord 1, 7, and 10 fall in the houses assigned to either the fav or the dog. For this particular submethod only, treat the 8th as belonging to the fav and the 2nd as belonging to the dog. Whoever has this, gets 3 points.

No sublord array nor the weaker one is present in this chart.

Navamsha syllables for the 10th house cusp

There is a table of the 108 sounds of the Navamsha syllables of the Zodiac. The reasons they are 108 is because one “sign”/zoidion/image is divided into 9 parts as per the Navamsha/Novenaria. Again, the sidereal Zodiac is used. This is an Ancient Hindu tradition.

The MC degree is 25.07 Virgo = the 8th part of Vir - from 23.20 to 26.40 Vir, which corresponds to the “Pe” sound. Neither Italy nor Turkey have that sound as the begining of their name, so no points are assigned. In the rare occasions this happens, a team gets 14-18 points!

Fixed Stars

Simon comes from the Jyotish tradition, where they do not use that many stars. They focus on the nakshatras. Simon gives about 15 fixed stars that work in his experience and says that more research needs to be done. He uses the stars by conjunction by longitude, regardless of whether the star is on the ecliptic. He does not examine the issue whether a fixed star that does not rise on the local horizon can be used either. The ancients were emphatic that it cannot be used.

The orb is 1.00 degrees, preferably even smaller. The smaller the orb, the more powerful the effect. The primary significators are the 1st, 10th, 7th and 4th cusps and their lords. Simon says he focuses mainly on the cusps, and he also uses the stars conj the 6th or 12th cusp, but one has to sort of read between the lines to get the latter explanation.

This chart does not have any activation by the stars give by Simon.

However, the Asc is conj 3 malefic stars in the Scorpion: Lesath (Up Sco)- 4 min, Schaula (M6 Sco) + 30 min, Aculeus (Lam Sco) +40 min. In my research so far, these stars are really malefic. I give about 7 points to a star, but not in this case, because it would overwhelm the entire chart. I guess one could deduct 10 or 12 points from the favourite. If Planetdance can be made to show the fixed stars conjunct the planets and angles within the Planetdance main chart, that would be fantastic. I tried and it shows them but I could not see the degrees of the stars. Also, if Planetdance could show them conjunct just by longitude, not by declination, that would be great.

Lastly, the star Mirach (B Andromeda, of the nature of Venus) is very closely positioned on the IC by paran. Simon does not mention the parans at all, but I have found some of them to be really powerful. By paran, of course, I mean the real ones used by the ancients, not the pseudo ones that Bernadette Brady came up with in which every chart has dozens of parans. I mean degrees and stars of the 36 extra-zodiacal constellations that co-rise at a given location. Parans are extremely sensitive to location! And their orb/influence lasts for mere minutes at that location, not for 1-2 days as with fixed stars. For those that want to know more, I recommend this video called Hellenistic Parans (ignore the fact that Davic Cockhrane uses the wrong year for the chart in question): (

Unfortunately, as far as I know only Sirius software calculates the parans correctly. This is a crucial technique that ancient astrologers used. It would be really useful, not just for Sports Astrology but for helping people, if Planetdance could offer this calculation. It measures the stars by right ascension for the Meridian and by altitude for the horizon. I use Rumen Kolev’s Porphyry Magus software for this, but it only shows the exact orb for the Asc, not for the other angles. For the other angles one must visually check if a major star is on them. See the attached file. I circled Mirach on the IC by paran. Again, this configuration would either be with a much larger orb in other cities in the same country, or it would be valid at some other time of the day. And this is provided the star rises on that location, which it does here as Andromeda is a very northern constellation and Italy is 40N+ latitude.

As to the effect of Mirach, while it is positive in nativities, I am not sure in sports charts. More research is needed. I have seen the alpha star of Andromeda, Alpheratz, as possibly positive though.

Summary and Prediction

Simons’ system would show 19.5 points to the favorite Italy vs 4 points to the underdog Turkey. This is a 15.5 points difference.

If one uses the stars in the Scorpion as afflicting the favourite, as I would, and gives them at least 12 points, then it becomes 19.5 vs 16.5 = a 3 point difference.

Simon says that his research shows that for “soccer” a 3 point difference generally shows a winning difference by 1 goal.

So, according to his system, it would mean that Italy would win by at least 2 goals, to put it conservatively.

According to my system, if Italy wins, they would win by a 1 goal difference.

If the stars in the Scorpion are more malefic, or if Mirach of Andromeda gives a slight boost to the underdog, then the match would end in a draw.

I have to specify that is more important to determine whether a team would win or not, and now not by how many goals/points. Of course, it is more certain if the system shows that a given team has a bigger advantage in points.

What an essay post! My other ones will be shorter, but I wanted to explain the method.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Jean on June 11, 2021, 02:56:50 PM
Wow what a post indeed.

I added the longitudes for the stars to the pic if you do Draw in Horoscope - Fixed Stars.

What do you mean with 'if Planetdance could show them conjunct just by longitude, not by declination, that would be great.' ? Horoscope fixed stars lets you enter a declination orb for a minimum declination, for aspects it compares longitudes.

Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 11, 2021, 03:52:33 PM
Thank you, Jean. I removed the declination orb and it now shows me the stars I want with the orb I want. I especially like the fact your software offers such a big list of fixed stars, which is richer than the one shown by commercial softwares Janus or Solar Fire.

I activated the draw the fixed stars function within the wheel but I can’t see their degrees. Am I doing something wrong? I suppose I am using too many stars?

Also, is there a way in Planetdance for the fixed stars module to show only the 7 classical planets and the 12 house cusps rather than all the used planets on the main wheel?

I mean, I don’t want Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Ceres, etc to be conj fixed stars because I don’t use them and it increases the list a lot. And yet I can’t remove them from the main wheel because I need to see whether they are conj the house cusps.

Or even as a better alternative, to be an option that allows the user to select fixed stars conj the Asc, MC, Dsc, IC and their sign rulers?

I will now publish my prediction for the Wales-Switzerland football match that will be played tomorrow. I am on a roll today. :)
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: ABer on June 11, 2021, 03:59:29 PM
Amazing post Zagata - I'm looking forward to this. I'm working away on the new script. Ed
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 11, 2021, 05:26:12 PM
Wales vs Switzerland - 12 June 2021, Baku, Azerbaidjan 5.00 pm local time (GMT+4)

Always make sure to check the location of the stadium, NOT the city an event is played in. There is a discrepancy in this case. And what is great about Planetdance is that it allows the user to modify the location and save as a new entry.

Odds: 3.98, 3.05 vs 2.20

Switzerland is the favourite and gets the Asc, its lord, MC and and its lord. Wales it the undergog and gets the Dsc, its lord, IC and its lord.

Victory House Technique

Mars is in the 10th and has directional strength = 3 points, while Saturn is in the 4th in its domicile and retrograde = 3 points.

0 points difference



Other rules

Neither L1 nor L7 is combust. There is no planetary war either.

Venus in the 9th with mutual reception/generosity with Mercury placed in the neutral 8th is valid. The question is whether to use the planet as lord of a house (the Asc) or its placement (in the 9th - an underdog house). Simon does not explain this, but I go for the latter in such cases.

(-)3 points to the underdog.

Lord 7 Mars rules the planetary hour = another (-) 3 points to the underdog.

Cuspal Strength

Uranus at 18.51 conj the 7th -1.12 = (-)7 to the underdog

Ceres at 19.18 conj the 7th - 45 min = (-) 7 to the underdog

Jean, Ed, I have asteroid Ceres as a selected Object in Planetdance, but it shows it to be at 6.32 Aries in Lahiri. Or do I have the wrong asteroid? It says Ceres in Objects.

Also, asteroid Pallas as it as 1.05 Pis in Lahiri, whereas in selected Objects Planetdance shows it to be at 12.44 Aqu.

Also, asteroid Vesta is at 22.03 Leo in Lahiri, whereas in selected Objects Planetdance shows it to be at 18.58 Vir.

Also, asteroid Juno is at 20.58 Sco in Lahiri, whereas in selected Objects Planetdance shows it to be at 20.04 Sco.

Asteroid Sedna is correct at 4.17 Tau Lahiri.

I have attached a screenshot of the chart and the objects I have selected are seen on the far right side.

Navamsha/D9 Strength and Navamsha combos in D9 Asc or Dsc

No activation

No D9 planetary combos in this chart either.

Krishnamurti Sublords Table Strength of Sublord vs Sublord 7

I am not going to draw the table, but as it will become way too long, and besides the start of this match offers 3 options for this!

Option 1 - expected one (if the match starts between 4.59.39 to 5.00.12 pm.)

Sublord 1 is Jupiter vs sublord 7 Rahu = -4 vs -3 = (-)1 in total for the underdog

But if the match starts at 4.59.38 (22 seconds earlier) it would be:

Sublord 1 Mars vs sublord 7 Rahu = -1 vs - 3 = +2.

But if the match starts 13 seconds later, (5.00.13 pm)  it would be Jupiter vs Jupiter.

When the same planet is sublord 1 and 7, Simon says the technique is not as effective. I skip it in such cases but record the calculation in brackets. In this case it is (-4) = 4 points to the underdog.

Sublord Array

In order from the 1st to the 12th house the sublords are:


If L1 Jupiter vs L7 Rahu = yes. Out of all the 12 sublords, only Mercury and Rahu are in the neutral 8th whole sign house, which is acceptable. All the others are in the whole sign houses of the underdog: 7, 9, 12, 4, 5 = (-) 7 points to the underdog.

If Mars is L1 vs L7 Rahu = no sublord array.

If the match starts 13 seconds later, that is, it is sublord 1 Jupiter vs sublord 7 Jupiter, Mercury and are Rahu in the neutral house 8 and all other sublords are in the underdog whole sign houses = (-) 7 again to the underdog.

Navamsha syllables for the 10th house cusp

The 10th cusp is 29.31 Can, which is the sound "Do" in the table. Therefore - none.

Fixed Stars

L1 Moon conj Sirius by long +35 min = +9. It is also conj Canopus, but I don’t use stars that are invisible at the given location.

Dsc conj Menkar A Cetus by longitude -24 min = -7?

Vega on Asc by paran = +12

Mirach on Dsc by a close paran = -7?

The Asc could conj Zuben Elgenubi of Lib, but only if the match starts 1 minute later, so I am skipping it. 

Summary and Prediction

Simon’s system would not use Sirius or the paran of Vega on Asc. As such the result would be:

0 vs 24 in favour of the underdog Wales. That is an uncommon difference of so many points.

I would use L10 Moon conj Sirius as 9 points and Vega very closely on Asc by paran as 12 points = 21 vs 24 points in favour of the underdog.

Alternatively, as I myself am also more comfortable using planets not on the ecliptic on cusps rather than conj planets, if one uses Menkar as malefic hurting the underdog by 7, and discards the Moon-Sirius conjunction = 7+12 from Vega = 19 vs 24 in favour of the dog.

We will see tonight whether Mirach can help Turkey. Note how Mirach is on the IC in Rome by paran, while it is on the Dsc in Baku, Azerbaidjan.   ;)

The bottom line is that Simon’s system shows that the underdog Wales will win by at least 2 goals.

My system also shows that the underdog will win, but it could be very close. Given that the odds are fantastic, I mean almost 4.00 for the underdog, if one wants to play it safe, they can play 1X, that is, they can select that Wales will either win or draw. In this way, they will only lose if the favourite Switzerland wins. The odds for this type of bet, called double chance, are 1.70.

I will try my next post to be shorter, but as you see the system is quite involved.

I am pleased to hear you enjoyed the first post, Ed, and that the new script is underway.  :)
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Jean on June 11, 2021, 06:10:17 PM
I activated the draw the fixed stars function within the wheel but I can’t see their degrees. Am I doing something wrong? I suppose I am using too many stars?

Did you update? See pic.

Also, is there a way in Planetdance for the fixed stars module to show only the 7 classical planets and the 12 house cusps rather than all the used planets on the main wheel?

I changed horoscope fixed stars so that it only uses the planets in the current set.
You can also remove them from the main wheel, see options - planets / aspect and read the help there to en/disable planets and save/load sets.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 11, 2021, 08:36:30 PM
How do I update, Jean? I tried doing this but could not.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Jean on June 11, 2021, 09:07:25 PM
help - check for updates.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 11, 2021, 09:54:44 PM
Thank you Jean, it works.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: ABer on June 12, 2021, 08:35:15 AM
Hi Zagata - one up to you with the Italy win. The goal difference was bigger than you expected, but a win is a win.

Congratulations. Ed
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 12, 2021, 07:21:29 PM
Results from predictions and commentary

Italy vs Turkey 3-0. All goals were scored in the 2nd half.

Wales vs Switzerland 1-1. All goals were scored in the 2nd half, with the favourite Switzerland scoring first and the underdog equalizing.

The Turkey-Italy chart is an indication that the stars in the Scorpion ought to be counted as 1 influence, not individually. Also, that Mirach on the IC by paran has no influence and that Tejat of Gem conj the Dsc has not influence. Ultimately, the sublord +10 point difference decided the match.

The Wales-Switzerland match showed why one MUST use parans and other powerful stars. Otherwise Simon's system showed 0 vs 24 points to the underdog, meaning they should have won by 2-3 goals. But Vega on Asc by paran and Moon MC lord conj Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, helped the favourite. I expected the underdog to win, so my prediction did not come true either, although I did write that there was value in the 1X bet, meaning one would have multiplied their bet by 1.75.

Attention: The Wales-Switzerland match actually started 1 minute and 46 seconds later. That is a lot. It changed sublord 7. While it did not make a difference in this technique, in others it could be disastrous. Especially if one is betting money. 

Moreover, by starting these 106 seconds later, I just checked and saw that the Asc (20.24 Libra at actual start of the match) came closer to Zuben Algenubi - Alpha Libra, a powerful fixed star on the ecliptic at 21.13 Libra. Simon says it boosts the cusp it touches. This brought 7 points to the favourite! Knowing this, I would not have predicted a win for the underdog, because the points in my system show that the favourite compensates their lagging behind, even though they do it only with fixed stars. Take a look my screenshot which I have attached. My computer clock is for my local time in Bulgaria = GMT +3.

I should have written this earlier. The odds are extremely important. For the underdog to upset the favourite, the underdog must lead by more points than the favourite. In other words, the difference in the points must always be compared to the odds. A heavy favourite might win even when behind by a few points.

The bottom line is these 2 predictions were not as successful, although there are some extenuating circumstances. So, thanks for your congratulations, Ed. Still, let's face it: the favourite Italy winning is not a suprise and hence not significant. I will be on the lookout for other matches and publish some more predictions. I also will also be following Copa America.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 13, 2021, 06:37:22 PM
I was planning on publishing a prediction today either for Austria vs Northern Macedonia or for Netherlands vs Ukraine, but the sublord/s are on the verge of changing. I am talking about 12 seconds in the case of the former and 21 seconds if the case of the latter. The Austria vs Northern Macedonia started 22 seconds later and changed the sublords. I don't know when the Netherlands vs Ukraine match will start and hence prefer not to spend my time calculating 2 options and then writing them down.

The bottom line is there has to be at least a 60, or preferably a 90 second cushion so that sublord 1 or sublord 7 do not change. Planetdance is really helping time with the sublord technique, and I am really grateful to Jean and Ed, but as you saw there are 7-8 other techniques, and when one starts to write things down, it really takes a while when one has to go back and forth between the different results of the sublords.

As a result, I will not be publishing predictions on such matches. They are best followed live. I will stick with matches where sublords do not change for within 60-90 seconds.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: ABer on June 13, 2021, 09:02:26 PM
Thanks Zagata - I'm glad the software is helping. I think I've got most of the bugs out of the table now, but please keep testing.

By the way, do you have a time for the England game?

All the best. Ed
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 17, 2021, 01:11:55 PM
Hi Ed,

Planetdance is indeed helping.

I am sorry but I am reading your message just now. I do plan on publishing other predictions. Let me know if you are interested in anoter specific game. Let's hope the sublords won't change.  :)
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: ABer on June 19, 2021, 09:35:49 AM
Wales vs. Switzerland, actual start 17:01:46

Here are the relevant Planetdance screens for the actual start of this match, which ended 1-1.

The chart wheel shows Placidus cusps. Note that some of Chokoisky's methods use the Placidus cusps, and others use whole sign cusps.

Note fixed star Zuben Elgenubi is conjunct C1, favourable for the favourite.

Fixed star Menkar is conjunct C7, a potentially unfavourable star for the underdog (although research is needed on this star).

Chokoisky uses ecliptic positions for all stars, with an orb of 1 degree.

Many indicators suggest a close game, if not a draw:

Sublords 7 and 7 are the same.

The sublord array gives three sublords to the Welsh and none to the Swiss, with the other sublords being in the neutral 2nd and 8th. This means all sublords are for Wales or neutral, an indication of positive Welsh chances in this game.

The teams have one malefic each in important houses - Saturn for Wales in 4, Mars for Switzerland in 10 (whole sign)

Saturn is retrograde in the 4th wsh. Chokoisky says retrogradation is an indicator of instability or unpredictably, in this context perhaps an unexpected result favouring the underdog Wales.

Navamsa cusps are not activated, a high level tier 3 indicator of victory according to Chokoisky.

The chart wheel cusps are not activated by any close conjunctions, a mid level tier 2 indicator of victory.


Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 19, 2021, 10:21:51 PM
Thank you for contributing, Ed. I want to add that the underdog Wales had Uranus and asteroid Ceres conjunct the 7th cusp - indications in their favour. They give 7 points each.

They are not seen in the Vedic chart, but Uranus is seen in the main wheel. The longitude of Ceres is incorrect in Planetdance though, along with several other asteroids.

The favourite Switzerland had Vega on the Asc in close paran/co-rising with the Asc degree on that latitude. That is a huge boost for the favourite. Without it and Zuben Elgenubi, they had no major indications. But we have to remember that the fixed stars are the 8th sphere - above that of the planets.

If Planetdance could calculate parans, that would be fantastic.  :)

Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: ABer on June 20, 2021, 06:36:00 AM
HI Zagata - I get 19 Aries 25 (Krishnamurti) for Ceres for the Wales vs. Switzerland game. What longitude is your chart showing? Ed
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 21, 2021, 10:22:44 PM
Hi Ed,

It is the same: 18.18.53 Aries in Lahiri. But Planetdance shows Ceres to be at 6.32.18 Aries.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 25, 2021, 08:19:54 PM
Hi everyone,

Finally, it is elimination phase of the Euro 2020 football championship and it is time for more of my Sports Astrology predictions. I will be very brief with the analysis as you by now know involved the system is. For those interested in the calculations, Planetdance does almost all of them for you thanks to the tireless work of Ed. I have only included the charts of the main wheel as I can only attach up 4 files per post. Thus this first one will deal with the first 4 matches.

Wales 5.34, 3.34 vs Denmark 1.86

Asc lord Venus is afflicted by being conjunct Gulika within 1 degree. Also, Ceres is on the Dsc, further helping the underdog Wales. Dsc lord Mars is possibly afflicted by conj the star Asellus Australis.

It is also important to know that if the match starts 50 seconds later, the Asc will be conj Zuben Eschamali, which will help the favourite and would make the match closer, although I would still favour the underdog.

Prediction: underdog Wales to win without extra time. However, given the great odds, one might want to play it safer and bet on 1X with odds 2.00. In other words, the bet would be for Wales to win or draw.

Italy 1.49 vs Austria 4.28, 8.33

Here the opposite is true, that is, because Venus is L7 and still conjunct Gulika, this time the underdog's significator is weakened. This time Mars is L1 and is possibly afflicted by Asellus Australis.

Prediction: Favourite Italy to win. I don't like the low odds in this match, and I like it even less when unpredictable Mercury (turned direct a few days ago) is conj the Asc or Dsc.

Netherlands 1.70  vs Czech Republic 3.96, 5.49

I would stay from betting in this match because Neptune is still stationary and is conjunct the IC, although in the 5th sign. Uranus conj the 6th cusp helps the fav, Neptune R conj the IC helps the dog, but not as much.
There are stars in the Scorpion, Pegasus and Perseus conj the angles, which create a number of variables.

Prediction: Favourite Netherlands to win narrowly, or possibly in extra time or after penalties.

Belgium 2.5 vs Portugal 3.20, 3.22

Dog Portugal has a full SKY and 1/2 PKY is their favour, while the fav Belgium has only 1/2 PKY in theirs and +5 from the sublord table. However, Upaketu is conjunct the D9 Asc, and the later the match starts, the strong this 12 point indication will be for the dog.

Prediction: The underdog Portugal to win. If Upaketu does hurt the favourite and act like Ketu, like Simon Chokoisky says, then the underdog Portugal should win easily and by 2 or more goals because with this indication this match becomes the one where the imbalance in points between the teams is greatest. Even if Upaketu does not afflict the fav, my prediction is still for the Portuguese team to win, but not easily.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 25, 2021, 08:47:36 PM
Continuing with the Sports Astrology predictions for the remaining 4 matches of the last 16 phase of the Euro 2020 football championship.

Croatia 6.97, 3.80 vs Spain 1.61

Saturn afflicts the D9 Asc and the underdog Croatia leads in the sublords and victory house. Favourite Spain basically have just minor indication going for them.

Prediction: Underdog Croatia to win outright. However, if the match starts 36 later, Saturn will be out of orb, depriving the dog of 14 points! So I would follow this match live to see when it starts. Again, given the big odds, to be on the safe side one could bet 1X with odds of 2.42. I say this also because Spain was behind in points vs Sweden and Poland, but because they were such huge favourites, Spain did not lose but drew both matches at home.

France 1.54 vs Switzerland 4.07, 7.62

I have not checked this match because if it starts only 61 seconds later, the Asc/Dsc will change and so will the sublords. I do like Pollux conj Dsc boosting the dog Switzerland with the current Sag-Gem Asc/Dsc degree. Also, if the match starts a little later, Pluto R would hurt the favourite France.

England 2.56 vs Germany 3.32. 3.03

I don't like the chart with so many variables. If the match starts 20 seconds later, the D9 Asc will change and D9 Dsc will be conj Gulika, helping the favourite by 12 points. But if the match starts 70 seconds later, then Ceres would be conj the Dsc, helping the dog Germany by 7 points.
Deneb is conj the IC by longitude and 3 stars are in paran to the Asc/Dsc degree. I am not comfortable with these indications. I don't know whether Deneb works for sports matches and with longitude only. If it does, it would help the dog Germany. On the other hand, Rasalhague is exactly on the Asc, which would help the fav England.

Prediction: This match could go either way. No wonder the odds are so close. Therefore I can't predict this one with any amount of certainty.

Sweden 2.40 vs Ukraine 3.21, 3.39

Sedna is conj the 6th cusp, hurting the favourite by 7-9 points, as per Simon's discovery after he published his book. However, the fav Sweden has an 11 point advantage from the sublords. I don't know whether Rastaban conj the Asc has relevance (possibly negative for the favourite). The fav Sweden have Ma-Ju D9 combo, also adding 4 points.

Prediction: Favourite Sweden to win
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: ABer on June 25, 2021, 08:59:03 PM
Thanks for the predictions Zagata - I will read them in detail later. Good luck with the results!

Best wishes. Ed
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: ABer on June 26, 2021, 06:13:36 PM
Denmark (F) vs. Wales (U)

See the screenshot below for the summary table for the match.

Denmark is favoured by bookmakers in this match. Hence their significators are associated with the first house cusp:

L1 = Venus
SL1 = Mercury

Wales is the underdog. Hence their significators are associated with the seventh house cusp:

L7 = Mars
SL1 = Mercury

The sublord table shows the score breakdown is evenly distributed with neither side getting a boost. However L1 is a sublord itself for the 10th house, a house associated with the favourite, and an indicator of their status as favourites. This may indicate, however, that the Danes expect an easy win. Venus is L1 (F), L8 (N) and L12 (U).  Venus itself is placed in Placidus 9 (U) and WSH 10 (F). Venus is cuspal P 9, but this house is not considered in close cuspal conjunctions.

Mars is L2 (N), L6 (F) and L7 (U). Mars is placed alongside Venus in P 9 (U) and WSH 10 (F).

The placement of L1 and L7 in the same houses suggests a closer match than the odds indicate.

Indicators that suggest that the underdog may triumph include:

Two malefic planets placed in houses favourable to the underdog - Sun in WSH 9 and Saturn in dignity in WSH 4. The Sun is the exaltation lord of the descendant. The favourite only has one planet in its favoured houses - Mars, which happens to be L7. This suggests Wales have the toughness to master the Danes.

In the sublord array, the underdog is favoured with two planets, Saturn (WSH 4) and Jupiter (WSH 5). Unfortunately for the Welsh, their cusp ruler Mars is not itself a sublord. The Danes are favoured with sublord Venus in the WSH 10. The joint sublord ruler Mercury is in one of the neutral houses with the malefic node, suggesting an upset.

Fixed Stars:

The second screenshot shows the position with fixed stars. There are no major fixed stars conjunct the angles. However, Sun and Mars are co-angular with degrees associated with the rising, culminating  or setting of stars.

Sun rises with Castor's co-rising degree
Mars rises with Procyon's co-rising degree
Sun sets with Alphard's co-setting degree
Mars culminates with Praesepe's co-culminating degree.

Sun and Mars, both malefic planets and associated with the seventh house cusp, in these positions, mark Wales as the potential winner despite the bookmakers fancying the Danes. The stars are ones that mark out the match as particularly hard fought, with Sun and Mars symbolising Wales' determination to triumph.

Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 26, 2021, 08:11:52 PM

I just learned a very valuable lesson.  :) Simon says that one should not bet when planets are stationary because they can flip one's predictions on their heads. For whatever reason, I was under the impression that this referred to stationary planets that play a key role in a match, such as being a significator. Well, Neptune does not play ANY role and yet look what happened: Wales lost 4-0. It should have been the reverse as the underdog Wales lead by many points.

To be completely forthright, I bet money on Wales not to lose. Aside from the station of Neptune, the Moon was not transiting my natal 8th house and yet not only did my bet lose, it lost by a huge margin!

As a result of this, and because Neptune's first station will continue for the next few days, which will cover all 8 matches, I am no longer comfortable with the predictions I made. I will be following the matches to see whether more predictions are flipped upside down, but will not be betting money on any of them.

Thank you Ed for the parans. I will be checking them and waiting for the quarterfinals.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: ABer on June 26, 2021, 09:21:02 PM
Hi Zagata - an honest appraisal. Let's see what happens with the other matches. The Danes were heavily favoured, so a difficult match for underdogs to overturn.

All the best. Ed
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 26, 2021, 11:51:01 PM
Hi Ed,

It has nothing to do with the odds. I can show you much bigger odds/smaller chance for the underdog to win and the latter doing so.
By the way, the match started 9 seconds later, so Zuben Eshamali was not conj the Asc and thus not additionally helping the favourite Denmark.

Speaking of odds, notice how the heavy favourite Italy did not win against Austria in the normal 90 min duration - another flipped prediction. With Simon's system the points were 7.5 to 0 in favour of the favourite Italy.

With identical odds and leading by about 15 points against Turkey earlier this tournament, according to Simon's system, favourite Italy won 3-0.

These stations are something to behold and keep in mind!
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on June 28, 2021, 08:07:59 PM
Hi again,

Croatia came back from 3-1 down to level 3-3 in the last minutes of the match. So it can be said that this is the first prediction that came out. In other words, this could be an indication that the station of Neptune is basically over. If so, then Sweden should win against Ukraine.

By the way, does anyone have the exact minute and second the Croatia-Spain match started? It is important for Saturn's position in the D9 chart.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on July 02, 2021, 05:25:05 PM
Continuing my Sports Astrology predictions for the Euro 2020 football matches, I will now examine the first 2 quarterfinals played today and will analyse tomorrow's ones in my next post.

Switzerland 6.05, 3.95 vs Spain 1.65

Spain is the heavy favourite here. They are supported by Ceres conj  the 6th cusp, while the underdog Switzerland has Chiron conj the 4th cusp but 5th sign, which reduces that boost. The Swiss team also has the support of sublords 1, 7 and 10 being in dog houses. Overall, using Simon' system, the points are equal, which would suggest a draw. Because of the big difference in odds odds though, the favourite Spain should win.

Adding the fixed star parans, the fav is supported by Altair, while the dog is supported by Alpheratz and afflicted by Betelgeuse and Scheat. Therefore my prediction is that Spain will not only win in normal 90 minutes time but will most likely win by 2 or more goals.

Belgium 3.54, 3.07 vs Italy 2.43

The underdog Belgium has SKY and half PKY for them, while the favourite Italy has half PKY for them. Belgium has 1 more planet in victory houses, but Italy crushes Belgium in the sublords by 16 points! Moreover, Italy has Mercury conj the 6th cusp, which generally supports the favourite. Therefore Simon's system shows that Italy will not only win in normal time, but is likely to do so by 2 or more goals.

Adding the stars and parans and other considerations, the favourite is afflicted by Facies but L1 is the hour lord, while the underdog is afflicted by Algol and Scheat on the Dsc. This adds more points to the fav Italy and confirms that Italy will win in normal time and will more likely do so by 2 or more goals difference.

N.B. The 16 point difference in sublords is valid ONLY if the match does not start at 9.00.49 pm + with Krishnamurti ayanamsha, or 9.01.12 pm with Lahiri. Thus if the match starts 49 or 72 seconds later, the favourite would not only lose this 16 point difference in sublords but will incur a 2 point deficit in the sublords method.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: ABer on July 02, 2021, 05:43:46 PM
Thanks Zagata - an interesting couple of predictions. A useful contrast with the approach I have used based on the tropical zodiac and the seven traditional planets only.

Good luck. Ed
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on July 02, 2021, 07:06:30 PM
Hi Ed,

Thank you, the same to you.  :)

Here are my predictions for the remaining quarterfinals of Euro 2020:

Czech Republic 3.97, 3.26 vs Denmark 2.15

This is a very tricky match due to two factors: exact start of the match and the fact that the unstable planets - Moon and Mercury - are conjunct relevant house cusps. Depending on how they are interpreted, it will make a huge difference.

If the match starts up to 8.00.12 pm then my prediction is that the fav Denmark will win. And if the Moon additionally afflicts the dog Czech Republic, then Denmark will win by 2 or more goals.

If the match starts 13 seconds+ later then instead of the same sublord Venus, the dog Czech Rep. will have a 13 point difference in the sublords department. My prediction then is that the dog Czech Republic will win. However, if the Moon actually afflicts the dog, then it will eat up the advantage of the dog and my prediction would change to a draw. At any rate, the odds for the Czech team not lose are 1.75 if one wants to play it safer.

Keep in mind that another match (Wales vs Switzerland) played at this same location/Baku actually started 107 seconds later. For example, Switzerland vs Spain just started 11-12 seconds later, in Russia - another Eastern country.

Ukraine 9.03, 4.36 vs England 1.46

The same Sagittarius Asc on ths one, as for Czech Rep vs Denmark and Belgium vs Italy, giving a 7 point advantage to the dog (Ukraine here) from SKY and PKY. Ukraine further leads in victory house and sublords 1,7,10. The fav England does not have indications save for half a PKY hurting the dog as well as Asc conj the star Vega by longitude. Thus the dog has an advantage in points.

However, whether this is enough for Ukraine to win outright is difficult to say given that they are the biggest underdog according to the odds. Having said that, the later the match starts, the closer the IC will be to Uranus, suggesting some upset and unpredictability. Without Uranus, my prediction is that the dog will either lose by 1 goal or manage to draw in normal 90 minutes time.

With Uranus boosting Ukraine, my prediction is for a draw. If it ends in a draw, I would say Ukraine would be the favourite to eliminate England in penalties or extra time. The odds for Ukraine not to lose are 2.95.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on July 02, 2021, 08:51:07 PM

I thought the station of Neptune was over. I mean today is the 7th day. Out of all the techniques in this method, there is no other explanation for why it failed. The fact that the Switzerland vs Spain match started 11-12 seconds later did not change anything. Spain should have won and yet they did not. This again makes me uncomfortable about the other predictions. 
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on July 06, 2021, 05:50:58 PM
Hi again,

I am continuing my Sports Astrology predictions for the Euro 2020 championship. The tournament is now at the semifinal stage.

Italy 2.53 vs Spain 3.20, 3.20

2 predictions for this, because sublord 1 changes if the match starts 1 minute later, and also because Rahu conjunct the 6th cusp boosts the favourite Italy only until 8.00.50 pm, that is, only if the match does not start 50 or more seconds later.

If that match starts up to 8.00.50 pm:

Then the fav Italy has an overall advantage in points. While the dog Spain has SKY configuration, the fav Spain has the sublord array and a planet (Moon) in mutual reception in a victory house. Thus my prediction is that the favourite Italy will win in normal time. Whether they will win by 2 or more goals I cannot say, because I don't know whether the Beta star of Taurus, El Nath being conj L7 can support the underdog. I don't know whether this star has an effect in sports.

If the match starts after 8.00.50 pm

Then the advantage of the fav Italy will be reduced in points, and if El Nath boosts the dog then Spain could get to a draw in normal time. So my prediction here is still for a win for Italy, but it will be achieved with difficulty and as the match will be much more even. Just as the odds suggest.

England 1.75 vs Denmark 3.63, 5.64

N.B.! I am tired of dealing with all the possible changes in the many techniques caused by a given event starting later. If this match starts 3 seconds later, then there will be 7 point shift in the sublords in favour of the dog Denmark. Thus my prediction is based on this assumption. And I feel safe with it, given that the matches of this tournament routinely started 10-30-50-70 second later.

The same Sag Asc is for this match as well, which keeps the SKY for the underdog, only this SKY is a little weaker because Mercury has ingressed into the 7th domicile, namely Gemini and hence there are 2 benefics hemming in the Dsc now.

Overall, the underdog Denmark has a 13.5 point advantage. That should be enough for them to upset the big favourite and win in normal time. However, this type of lead in points has not always given a victory to the dog. Still, I will go by the system and predict that Denmark will win in normal time. If they do not, they would be favourites for the extra time and penalties. Aside from the 5.64 odds, the odds for Denmark not to lose are 2.18.

The only wildcard for this match is the star Procyon, which is on the Dsc by paran. If Procyon hurts the dog though, Denmark’s advantage in points would be significantly reduced. This could either show a draw, or a narrow victory of the favourite England.

Those that are interested in betting would do well to keep in mind that the fixed star Procyon was on the MC by paran (though with a tighter orb) of the football match Barcelona vs Granada. The underdog Granada won 2-1 away from home and odds 19.00 came out, which was one of the biggest upsets in a football match in Europe this year.
Title: Re: Euro 2020 Football Predictions with Indian and Ancient Astrology
Post by: Zagata on July 10, 2021, 03:35:12 PM
Hi again,

Wanted to let anyone reading this know that I won't be publishing a Sports Astrology prediction for the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England.

The reason is the odds are too close so there is really no favourite. When there is no clear favourite, it is not recommended to predict. It is like in Horary Astrology when the indications for a positive or negative answer are equal, the ancient astrologers advise us to defer judgment.