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Title: Circumambulation through the Bounds Module
Post by: ABer on July 24, 2020, 07:27:07 PM
Hi there - update your software to include the latest version of the Circumambulation through the Bounds module:

Horoscope - Classical - Circumambulation through the Bounds: v. 1.51 - now includes choice of four bounds and one deg or naibod arc, helpfile improved and updated

From the Helpfile:

This module is designed to complement the Hellenistic, medieval and early modern period astrology modules in Planetdance.

The module calculates a list of primary directions of the ascendant through the bounds according to the method of Ptolemy. The Ptolemaic key may be used - one year of life for each degree that passes the midheaven. Alternatively the naibod key may be used which is 59 minutes, 8 seconds of arc per annum, which is equivalent to the average daily motion of the Sun.

The list of directions represents the rising of the bounds across the horizon for a period of hours after the birth. The algorithm converts this into equivalent years. Calculations are provided for up to 120 years of human life.

All directions are calculated 'in zodiaco'. This means that the bound cusp positions are taken to be the zodiacal degree (without latitude). However, the declination of the degree occupied by the bound cusp means that the time taken for the aspect to form may be more or less than number of ecliptic degrees between the two points suggests.

Primary directions are a very time sensitive method of forecasting. If the birthtime is inaccurate by four minutes, the directions to the angles will be out by +/- year.

The method may be used to rectify a chart where the birth time is accurately known. However, if the birthtime is not accurately known, alternative methods of forecasting should be preferred.

For further reference, please see Martin Gansten (2009) Primary Directions: Astrology's Old Master Technique. The Wessex Astrologer, Bournemouth.

All algorithms are adapted from Gansten's book.

The text used for the list of directions may be enlarged or reduced by right-clicking in the text frame and selecting fontsize+ or fontsize-.
Title: Re: Circumambulation through the Bounds Module
Post by: Sindy on July 24, 2020, 08:21:50 PM
Thank you very much for this feature! :)
Title: Re: Circumambulation through the Bounds Module
Post by: ABer on July 24, 2020, 10:32:29 PM
Thanks Sindy. It's a good development of this script. I'm still working on the medieval module. It's proved rather complex! I hope it won't be too long until I can release it.

All the best. Ed