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Unfortunately, they are gone. I checked the files with .db and there are no more.

It is definitely my fault because I see a file from 6 June 2021 - Turkey - Italy Euro Football championships that I had saved in planetdance database file and is still there with about celebrity 40 charts. This means I renamed my file with all the charts and somehow deleted or misplaced it. Thank again, Jean.

I don't remember renaming that file, but this must have happened or it was saved place else and deleted.

Most importantly, I understand what you mean and so I won't make this mistake twice. I just added a new nativity and saved it to the planetdance database file and it just got updated to 05.02.2024 10.45 pm. I will be saving the charts to it and keeping a copy of this crucial database file on another disc.

Thank you, Jean.

I do not see it. Please see attached the full contents of my old Planetdance db folder. Which specific file should I copy? I copied them all.

Hi Ed and Jean,

I had a new Windows installed. As I always, I keep a copy of all my charts across the programs I use, so I can later put them in the programs and restore them.

I reinstalled Planetdance where it used to be - C, not Program files. I copied the folder I had kept to the new folder location, but it does not show the few hundred charts I had saved. Ed told me to paste the folder in DB folder, not AD, whereas I had pasted them in across the whole Planetdance folder. Even pasting the files in the DB folder did not work.

I must be doing something wrong. Is there a specific file I should be pasting in the Planetdance DB folder to have the saved charts recognized and restored?

Hi Jean,

No problem whatsoever. I know how busy you and Ed are. Besides, the topic was about profected charts that can be saved and displayed. It was done and I am very grateful.

Thanks, Jean, but turning off the positions will give the same result as the Profection Quad Wheel - just planetary glyphs in the houses. What I would like to have if possible is to see the degrees too.

Hi Ed,

No problem, don't add it.

In fact, seeing degrees and minutes on the Three Wheel is a little too much. If I could choose, I would prefer to have a "show degree only" button on the Three Wheel vs having a "Show degree" on the Quad Wheel.

Thank you very much, Ed. PlanetDance is incredible software indeed!

I would like ask only if it is not too much work: is it possible to add a "show degree" button to this Four Wheel? By checking the button, the user will have the degrees of the planets displayed. And by uncheching the button, only their sign positions will be shown - as they are now.

Thank you very much, Ed.

This is perfect. There is no need to add/rewrite anything because if one wants to see a profected monthly chart with the SR outside, he can open the File/Synastry/Bi Wheel extra and see it there. Likewise for using a Tri Wheel chart.

I copied the profection folder to Medieval, thank you.

Hi Ed and Jean,

Abu Mashar places enormous importance on profections, including monthly ones. And Medieval astrologers like Schoener and others always looked where the profected Asc or Moon falls in the SR chart.

PlanetDance offers profections with the SR outside. I use this feature all the time. However, it is incomplete. I would very much like to have full profected and monthly profected charts in Medieval Forecasting Methods, with the user being able to save these charts and display them in a Bi Wheel or Tri Wheel.

Please take a look at the attached file Novak Djokovic nativity with full profections outside - 12th place year.

Starting with Novak Djokovic nativity with full profections outside - 12th place year (say 2022 in this case). All placements advance by 12 signs. By having such a full profection wheel with the nativity outside, the user will be able to immediately see that Mars hands over/distributes to the Sun this year; the Sun and Mercury hand over to Venus; Venus hands over to Jupiter and the Moon; Jupiter and the Moon hand over to the the Lot of Fortune, etc. It would be great to have an option of saving this wheel and displaying in in a Bi Wheel or Tri Wheel.

Next, monthly profections.

Please take a look at Novak Djokovic 12th place year full chart - month 1 too - single chart. The (single) profection wheel is of course also month 1 of any profected year. In single monthly profection charts, I suggest having the SR displayed outside, not the nativity, unlike the monthly revolution charts.

Incorporating these features in Planetdance would be fantastic. This is because it would allow the practitioner and astrologer to follow Abu Mashar' instructions, namely using the natal, profected and SR Asc, Lot of Fortune, for each of the 12 months and how the rulers of the houses in each scheme are configured.

I have made charts for profected month 2 and profected month 3 and have attached them:

Novak Djokovic 12th place year, profected month 2

Novak Djokovic 12th place year, profected month 3

As far as I know, no traditional astrological software offers this. Thank you for your consideration.

It works. Thank you so much, Jean. No need to add anything.

I just don't undertand why some of the famous paid softwares do not offer this option. I mean, they do not allow the SR chart to be edited or moved. Or they allow only the nativity to be fixed and the middle and outermost third wheel to move simultaneously.

Anyhow, the point is that Planetdance outshines them again and again!

Thank you, Jean.

Hi Ed and Jean,

I love using the option Bi Wheel extra/File/Synastry/Bi Wheel extra in Planetdance where one can put the solar revolution chart inside and use transits on the outside.
I would like to ask you to program this for the Three Wheel as well/File/Synastry/Three Wheel, so that one could use transits to the nativity and to the SR at the same time.

Please see attached file where I have Mel Gibson's nativity on the inside, then his 2023 SR in the middle wheel and then his monthly SR for Sep - month 9 in the outermost wheel. Currently, if I start moving the chart myself or animating it, both the middle/SR and the outermost/MSR wheels move.

I would like to have only the outermost wheel move, because that way one could have a nativity and SR or even nativity and MSR to better time the promise of the monthly chart.

Thank you for your consideration.

Extension Scripts / Re: Medieval Forecasting Methods
« on: May 15, 2023, 01:28:40 AM »
I wish to thank you here as well, Ed.

You have done a tremendous service to the astrological community. Planetdance becomes the first software to offer this.

Even paid traditional softwares do not offer all these calculations. And their daily profections are wrong. In addition, with these other softwares, the user cannot see all the 12 monthly charts on a single page, as well as all the other summarized data.

Hi Ed,

I just tested the module with 2 separate nativities and checked the SRs and the 11 MSR. They all check out correctly.

I compared them with the Delphic Oracle software side by side. There is a difference of 3-4 astrological minutes in the MSR Asc minute, but that is perfectly fine.

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