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Classic, Medieval, Vedic / Re: Ingresses to Natal and SR Positions
« on: October 25, 2022, 03:04:24 PM »
Hi Ed,

My pleasure for doing the video. Thank you programming these very comprehensive modules. Planetdance is like a gift that keeps on giving.

Of course, when you have the time, I would appreciate it if you consider my request. In fact, Schoener has a somewhat different principle:

"The transit of the lord of the Ascendant of the Nativity over the degree of an infortune in the radix makes the native unfortunate on that day according to the position of the infortune in the house of the revolution, especially if that infortune has dominion in the year."

The bottom line is that having the option of checking when a natal or SR planet is transited or aspected will save the user a lot of time and help pinpoint specific weeks and days within the year.

Classic, Medieval, Vedic / Re: Ingresses to Natal and SR Positions
« on: October 24, 2022, 05:28:42 PM »
That is a great feature, Jean. I don't know how I missed it. 

All it needs to have is the option of adding natal as well as SR positions added. Because right now, if one wants to include the Asc or MC, hundreds of aspects are given, since no planet/point is fixed and the Asc/MC move so quickly.

Looking forward to what Ed has to say.

Classic, Medieval, Vedic / Ingresses to Natal and SR Positions
« on: October 22, 2022, 10:16:54 PM »
Hi Jean and Ed,

While I was making the video about Planetdance and the dozens of features it calculates, an idea came to me. We know that in Ancient Astrology transits act as triggers and with very few exceptions only the transits of the rulers of the times are to considered.

Can you program a feature that allows the user to select and calculate the transits to a given planet, and to have the option of selecting the transit to be to that planet's natal position and its solar revolution one?

An example. See attached Novak Djokovic's nativity and 2022 SR.

His data is 22 May 1987, 23h.25m, Serbia, Belgrade, Asc 16.04 Cap.

He turned turned 35 this May = 12th place year = Sag = Jupiter is the Lord of the Year/LoY. Natal Jupiter is at 18.57 Ari. Jupiter returns and is at 2.07 Ari in the 2022 SR.

Can you program it so the user can see:

1) the ingress dates into and out of natal and SR Jupiter in this case. So when planets ingress into Ari;

2) the transit dates to the exact aspects to natal Jupiter at 18.57 Ari and SR Jupiter 2.07 Ari?

3) the ingress dates of planets transiting the profected Asc (Sag in this case);

4) the ingress dates of planets transiting the SR Asc (Leo in this case);

5) the ingress dates and aspects of transiting planets to the natal Lot of Fortune (Pisc in this case);

6) the ingress dates and aspects of transiting planets to the SR Lot of Fortune (Tau in this cae);

The key here is to have the option to select the ingresses and the transited planet/stake/Lot, either natally or in the solar revolution. As far as I know, no astrological software offers this feature.

Hi Ed,

Thank you for fulfilling my request. I apologize for the late reply.

 Thank you, Ed.

Hi Jean and Ed,

I am very glad to see that Planetdance calculates the Decennials classical predictive technique. I would like to ask you to add an option in it so that the user can select which planet the sequence starts from.

Please see the attached example chart: 16 Jul 2021, 7.31 am, Greenwich, London, UK, Asc 19 (tropical) Leo. It is a day chart and the Sun is in the 12th house, both by Pophyry and whole signs. Because the Sun is the Sect Light and is in a bad house, Planetdance starts the Decennials sequence from the Moon (in the 3rd house by Porphyry and whole signs). However, while the Moon is in her joy there, this is also a cadent house.

I would like Planetdance to give the user the option of selecting which planet to start the technique with. In this chart, instead of the Moon, it could be Mars instead - the first planet in the Ascendant. The way Planetdance calculates Decennials is more in line with Firmicus and Hephaistio of Thebes, but I would very much like to have the Valens option. In other words, when the Lights are in bad places and/or those not conducive to business, the user gets to choose which planet will start the division of the times.

I am asking this for practical reasons as I have real live charts with similar positions of the Lights where the default starting planet option does not work/does not reflect the life of the native.

Thank you.

Indeed, Ed. I mean, I want to predict, I want to test and improve the system with many matches from many sports. However, when the odds are such, the only thing that remains is horary or divination. Since I have no interest or stake in this match, I can't use these either.

Hi again,

Wanted to let anyone reading this know that I won't be publishing a Sports Astrology prediction for the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England.

The reason is the odds are too close so there is really no favourite. When there is no clear favourite, it is not recommended to predict. It is like in Horary Astrology when the indications for a positive or negative answer are equal, the ancient astrologers advise us to defer judgment.

Hi Ed,

Very interesting analysis on your part. I will be checking this indication about the bound lords and the angles.

Let me just say that I am using the sidereal Zodiac only because Simon's system is based on it and because it contains Indian Astrology techniques that are not present in Ancient Astrology.

I will not be making a prediction for the Euro 2020 final because the odds are so close that there is hardly any favourite. This is one drawback not only in Simon's system but also in other sports astrological ones.

Hi Ed,

Congratulations on your correct predictions so far. I just published mine for the semifinals. Looking forward to yours.  :)

Hi again,

I am continuing my Sports Astrology predictions for the Euro 2020 championship. The tournament is now at the semifinal stage.

Italy 2.53 vs Spain 3.20, 3.20

2 predictions for this, because sublord 1 changes if the match starts 1 minute later, and also because Rahu conjunct the 6th cusp boosts the favourite Italy only until 8.00.50 pm, that is, only if the match does not start 50 or more seconds later.

If that match starts up to 8.00.50 pm:

Then the fav Italy has an overall advantage in points. While the dog Spain has SKY configuration, the fav Spain has the sublord array and a planet (Moon) in mutual reception in a victory house. Thus my prediction is that the favourite Italy will win in normal time. Whether they will win by 2 or more goals I cannot say, because I don't know whether the Beta star of Taurus, El Nath being conj L7 can support the underdog. I don't know whether this star has an effect in sports.

If the match starts after 8.00.50 pm

Then the advantage of the fav Italy will be reduced in points, and if El Nath boosts the dog then Spain could get to a draw in normal time. So my prediction here is still for a win for Italy, but it will be achieved with difficulty and as the match will be much more even. Just as the odds suggest.

England 1.75 vs Denmark 3.63, 5.64

N.B.! I am tired of dealing with all the possible changes in the many techniques caused by a given event starting later. If this match starts 3 seconds later, then there will be 7 point shift in the sublords in favour of the dog Denmark. Thus my prediction is based on this assumption. And I feel safe with it, given that the matches of this tournament routinely started 10-30-50-70 second later.

The same Sag Asc is for this match as well, which keeps the SKY for the underdog, only this SKY is a little weaker because Mercury has ingressed into the 7th domicile, namely Gemini and hence there are 2 benefics hemming in the Dsc now.

Overall, the underdog Denmark has a 13.5 point advantage. That should be enough for them to upset the big favourite and win in normal time. However, this type of lead in points has not always given a victory to the dog. Still, I will go by the system and predict that Denmark will win in normal time. If they do not, they would be favourites for the extra time and penalties. Aside from the 5.64 odds, the odds for Denmark not to lose are 2.18.

The only wildcard for this match is the star Procyon, which is on the Dsc by paran. If Procyon hurts the dog though, Denmark’s advantage in points would be significantly reduced. This could either show a draw, or a narrow victory of the favourite England.

Those that are interested in betting would do well to keep in mind that the fixed star Procyon was on the MC by paran (though with a tighter orb) of the football match Barcelona vs Granada. The underdog Granada won 2-1 away from home and odds 19.00 came out, which was one of the biggest upsets in a football match in Europe this year.


I thought the station of Neptune was over. I mean today is the 7th day. Out of all the techniques in this method, there is no other explanation for why it failed. The fact that the Switzerland vs Spain match started 11-12 seconds later did not change anything. Spain should have won and yet they did not. This again makes me uncomfortable about the other predictions. 

Hi Ed,

Thank you, the same to you.  :)

Here are my predictions for the remaining quarterfinals of Euro 2020:

Czech Republic 3.97, 3.26 vs Denmark 2.15

This is a very tricky match due to two factors: exact start of the match and the fact that the unstable planets - Moon and Mercury - are conjunct relevant house cusps. Depending on how they are interpreted, it will make a huge difference.

If the match starts up to 8.00.12 pm then my prediction is that the fav Denmark will win. And if the Moon additionally afflicts the dog Czech Republic, then Denmark will win by 2 or more goals.

If the match starts 13 seconds+ later then instead of the same sublord Venus, the dog Czech Rep. will have a 13 point difference in the sublords department. My prediction then is that the dog Czech Republic will win. However, if the Moon actually afflicts the dog, then it will eat up the advantage of the dog and my prediction would change to a draw. At any rate, the odds for the Czech team not lose are 1.75 if one wants to play it safer.

Keep in mind that another match (Wales vs Switzerland) played at this same location/Baku actually started 107 seconds later. For example, Switzerland vs Spain just started 11-12 seconds later, in Russia - another Eastern country.

Ukraine 9.03, 4.36 vs England 1.46

The same Sagittarius Asc on ths one, as for Czech Rep vs Denmark and Belgium vs Italy, giving a 7 point advantage to the dog (Ukraine here) from SKY and PKY. Ukraine further leads in victory house and sublords 1,7,10. The fav England does not have indications save for half a PKY hurting the dog as well as Asc conj the star Vega by longitude. Thus the dog has an advantage in points.

However, whether this is enough for Ukraine to win outright is difficult to say given that they are the biggest underdog according to the odds. Having said that, the later the match starts, the closer the IC will be to Uranus, suggesting some upset and unpredictability. Without Uranus, my prediction is that the dog will either lose by 1 goal or manage to draw in normal 90 minutes time.

With Uranus boosting Ukraine, my prediction is for a draw. If it ends in a draw, I would say Ukraine would be the favourite to eliminate England in penalties or extra time. The odds for Ukraine not to lose are 2.95.

Continuing my Sports Astrology predictions for the Euro 2020 football matches, I will now examine the first 2 quarterfinals played today and will analyse tomorrow's ones in my next post.

Switzerland 6.05, 3.95 vs Spain 1.65

Spain is the heavy favourite here. They are supported by Ceres conj  the 6th cusp, while the underdog Switzerland has Chiron conj the 4th cusp but 5th sign, which reduces that boost. The Swiss team also has the support of sublords 1, 7 and 10 being in dog houses. Overall, using Simon' system, the points are equal, which would suggest a draw. Because of the big difference in odds odds though, the favourite Spain should win.

Adding the fixed star parans, the fav is supported by Altair, while the dog is supported by Alpheratz and afflicted by Betelgeuse and Scheat. Therefore my prediction is that Spain will not only win in normal 90 minutes time but will most likely win by 2 or more goals.

Belgium 3.54, 3.07 vs Italy 2.43

The underdog Belgium has SKY and half PKY for them, while the favourite Italy has half PKY for them. Belgium has 1 more planet in victory houses, but Italy crushes Belgium in the sublords by 16 points! Moreover, Italy has Mercury conj the 6th cusp, which generally supports the favourite. Therefore Simon's system shows that Italy will not only win in normal time, but is likely to do so by 2 or more goals.

Adding the stars and parans and other considerations, the favourite is afflicted by Facies but L1 is the hour lord, while the underdog is afflicted by Algol and Scheat on the Dsc. This adds more points to the fav Italy and confirms that Italy will win in normal time and will more likely do so by 2 or more goals difference.

N.B. The 16 point difference in sublords is valid ONLY if the match does not start at 9.00.49 pm + with Krishnamurti ayanamsha, or 9.01.12 pm with Lahiri. Thus if the match starts 49 or 72 seconds later, the favourite would not only lose this 16 point difference in sublords but will incur a 2 point deficit in the sublords method.

Hi Ed,

I read your analysis. It is interesting and different, but I don't quite understand the method. What are your sources for this? I appreciate that you are staying with the classical planets.  :)

I see you are using the tropical Zodiac in your analysis. Should I publish my predictions here tomorrow or on the thread I opened? Perhaps it would better if I publish them on the other thread as we are using different methods and Zodiacs?

You wrote:
There is an interesting question here: whether a new chart should be drawn for the start of extra time, which usurps the chart for the start of the match, or whether the match chart still holds true. The same might be said for the start of a penalty shoot-out.

This is a great question! I don't know the answer, but it is worth experimenting. Having said that, as far as I know, bookmakers do not include extra time and penalties in the original odds. In other words, unless one specifically bets that a given team will win in extra time or penalties, the odds are for the 90 minutes play. For example, while Spain eliminated Croatia in extra time, the game ended in a draw and hence odds 3.8 came out and not 1.61.

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