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Hi Zagata. Thank for this interesting post. I am away for a few weeks so can't do anything for a while. However when I return home I will take a closer look at your suggestion. Ed

Extension Scripts / Re: Medieval Mundane Methods
« on: April 08, 2024, 05:09:55 PM »
Hi there - the latest version (v.1.138) includes a bug fix for the calculation of planetary hours.

Please download if you are a regular user of this module.

The attachment in the first post of this thread is the newest version.

Best wishes. Ed

Classic, Medieval, Vedic / Re: Theban Calendar symbols
« on: April 05, 2024, 08:11:13 AM »
Hi Gigi - this would be a great deal of work as the text would have to be entered into a text file to use within Planetdance. I'm afraid that I have other projects that will have to take priority and I wouldn't be able to commit any time to a module such as this.

Best wishes. Ed

Hi Gigi - you can also explore these lots/parts elsewhere in Planetdance. There are more limited selections in Horoscope-Classical-Ed Greek Horoscope and Horoscope-Medieval-Medieval Traditional Chart. You can also get detailed listings of many lots in other modules within these folders.

Thanks. Ed

OK - this is where I've got to:

On the screenshot below, you will see under mutual receptions, the Jupiter/Saturn reception is identified as (O-lap) - overlapping moieties.
The Moon/Saturn reception is identified as (Gen.) - generosity.

The first pair are in aspect, albeit weak; the second pair are not in aspect, but in each other's face/decan.

Is this helpful?

This could be replicated for the mixed reception column.


Hi again - looking again at Trump's chart, I can see the following:

Venus/Jupiter in generosity (mixed reception - my term) but not in aspect
Moon/Saturn in generosity (mutual and mixed receptions) but not in aspect
Jupiter/Saturn (mutual reception - agree)
Moon/Jupiter (simple reception)

If you could shed light on Sun/Mars that would be helpful. Ed

Thanks. I've done some work on this but the terminology is very confusing. One of the things I have to consider is the usability of the module for others. I need to give some thought how I can balance your needs and the needs of a more general user.

I'm sorry to keep asking you for clarification, but I need to have your terminology explained in terms of something I understand.

Does your terminology (generosity, reception) map in any way on to my mutual and mixed reception. I can't see where the two sets of terminology correlate.

You will see what I have done below. This is Trump's chart.

One source of confusion is identifying the added value in showing that `Mars is received by the Sun as ruler` if the pair are already shown as being in two forms of mixed reception. It just seems to obtuse to me, and not particularly helpful, particularly for users who may be less well versed in medieval methods and terminology.

I can add a check box to eliminate mutual/mixed receptions that are not in aspect if that would be helpful. I also have a way of eliminating the listing of a 'simple reception' if the pair are already identified as being in a mutual or mixed reception.

Any clarity you can add would be helpful.


Thanks - can you clarify the orb degrees that you are using please. Ed

Hi there - can you confirm which term ruler system you are using please. Is it Ptolemaic? Ed

OK - this stuff is tricky to code - too many 'ifs and buts'. Computers don't like this sort of thing. Leave it with me and I'll see what I can do.

With 'undignified Mars' example - yes - Mars is has no dignities attributable to the other planet, but is in aspect with the other planet, which is itself dignified. Is this a thing?


Hi again - so, Trump's case:

Mars is ruled by the Sun (Mars in Leo), and Mars and Sun are in aspect, hence Mars is received by the Sun. The fact that the Sun only has one count of dignity by face is irrelevant. If the Sun was peregrine (without any dignity) this would also be irrelevant, as long as the aspect is there?

If, let's say, Trump's Mars was in Aries, in Ptolemaic aspect to the Sun (within orbs), Mars would be received by the Sun on account of Mars being in the sign of the Sun's exaltation? The Sun does not need to have any dignity for this to be the case?

A hypothetical example:

Mars in 21 Libra, in the bounds and face of Jupiter, is received by Jupiter in 21 Gemini by trine, even though Jupiter is in detriment.
Mars at 16 Libra, in the bounds of Jupiter, would not be received by Jupiter at 16 Gemini, because there is only on count of minor dignity for Jupiter in this position of Mars.

I may have missed this one, but what about the case, let's say, between an undignified Mars in aspect to a dignified Jupiter. Is there any relationship between these two positions apart from the aspect? To me this seems more logical, given that the dignified Jupiter brings its dignity to the Mars by aspect?

I can see that Mars in a dignity (or two) of Jupiter would benefit from being in aspect to a dignified Jupiter (this would be accounted for by either of the generosity or mutual reception conditions).

Thanks. Ed

OK - so 'simple reception' is just about aspect, and any dignity accorded to the receiving planet is a bonus, so to speak? In Trump's case it is sufficient that there is an aspect between Sun and Mars for a reception to occur?

Hi Stargaze - thanks again. I understand the Moon/Saturn connection. I'm puzzled by the Sun/Mars reception. Can you give some more detail.

Sun and Mars are in aspect, but Sun has only one count of dignity? By face/decan.

The others are clear.


Thanks so much - that's very clear. I will work on this for the medieval module. I think it should be achievable with some minor changes to the existing code.

Best wishes. Ed

Hi there - how does this look to you? See screenshot attachment.


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