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Planetdance for windows / Daemon - Draw and Aspectarian
« on: August 25, 2021, 01:30:28 AM »
Hello everyone!

Would it be possible to have Daemon drawn on chart and included in aspectarian? Although I don't constantly use that point, sometimes it's very helpful, enlightening to me. As I'm the kind of astrologer who likes to see all the chart data drawn and 'aspected', even if the image gets a little overwhelmed, I miss seeing Daemon -- even though I have its longitude on the list. Thanks a lot!

Nothing that disturbs the excellent performance of Planetdance in a very old Windows 7 system, a notebook with 2 Gb RAM. However, trying to "Help - Check for updates" causes Planetdance to freeze completely, as soon as the screen with information about updates and improvements is shown. The only way is to terminate Planetdance through the Task Manager.

I appreciate your attention. And, of course, I also thank for the constant efforts of Jean and the whole team; thank you, very much, for this impressive system that became Planetdance, a wonderful work in progress. And for sure the astrological software that receives the most care and constant improvement, reaching the level of the best, whether free or paid, nowadays.

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