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Astrobasic / Memo field with hyperlink
« on: February 10, 2024, 05:37:19 PM »
Can you please tell me if it is possible,
 if there is a command in memo,
 to activate a hyperlink entry

Astrobasic / get exact tzcode
« on: January 29, 2024, 09:41:33 AM »
Hey Jean,
With the string strset(s, "%s, %s, %s,%s",place,nation,lonstr,latstr,capital);
and with the command sethoroscopeplace(), I transfer the data to enter the place.

With the command strcmd(30, 0, s);I extract the exact time zone of the place.
Unfortunately, it only works if i resume the theme and confirm the place via getplace()

In dos for a program done in the past, I used to read INTNDX.BIN with a call.
I see that you also get from tz.bin but I don't know how to do it in pd.

Can you tell me how can I get the right tzone value ? 0-415 ?

strset(s, "%s, %s, %s,%s",place,nation,lonstr,latstr,tzcode);
ex: strset(s, "Santo Stefano Belbo, Italy, 8e14, 44n42,346");

and immediately have the right zone location (CST,EDT or CWT etc) in the output.

Perhaps a list of tzcodes and continent/capital would suffice ?

Astrobasic / new bio.ab program
« on: November 11, 2023, 03:04:41 PM »
Sorry for the bad translation, Google Translator.

Hi Jean, I'm sending you the bio file I created.
Do you remember when I asked you for an explanation for the strange characters in TEXT(?
I like to have your opinion so that I can aggregate it into the initial functions.

I developed it by sharing it with Roberto Scerni and our Italian community. I started developing it in June and have been sharing it for testing since September.
It works like this:
The starting theme in PD is searched for among the themes recorded in the bio file, and if present it is displayed.
It is possible to update and integrate the data with Update, even with copy/paste, be careful not to modify the values ​​of the first four lines,
essential for data portability.
>>>>> Rename planetdance.jpg to .bio
maybe we can improve it, do you have any advice?

The module operates with normal Boolean filters OR or AND, and the search can be carried out on the name, on the notes and mixed (name and notes)
entering up to 20 keys divided by '+'.
Distinguishes between strings (parts of words) and whole words, with a maximum limit of 10,000 inline themes.

You can enter up to approximately 8000 characters for each bio.
Each note includes all the data needed to store the theme itself in planetdance.

The search can be carried out taking into account all planetdance .db files (select the Search.all.db option), saving them in a single biographical file,
or export your search results by creating a new .bio and .pd file titled as you like with the export option.

Astrobasic / Text() command Transform é into a Node
« on: October 28, 2023, 04:42:34 PM »
Hi Jean,
I include Napoléon Bonaparte's theme.

In the view on the right, the Text function prints the name incorrectly.
Transform the é into a Node.
It's not a big deal...
Would you know how to correct this visual anomaly?

Astrobasic / operartion i/o with two sequential file
« on: June 01, 2023, 01:10:27 PM »
Hey Jean
I need Help for operation with two sequential files not .db
if is possible...
I looked for examples but couldn't find anything.
this is the example:

char temp[256],name[61],nameo[61];
strset(if1, "%sdb\in.txt",home);`input only
strset(of1, "%sdb\out.txt",home);`i/o
while (TRUE = lineread(if1, tmp))               `read the 1 file
      { substr(tmp, 0, 60,name);           `I have the key to the file
      while (TRUE = lineread(of1, tmp))         `read the 2 file
        { substr(tmp, 0, 60,nameo);             `I'm going to check the second file if it's already there
          if (strcmp(name, nomeo) = 1) continue;`already present in the second file I do not add
      linewrite(of1, name);                     ` write on 2 file I add   

read if1,ceck exist on of1,if yes, skip else write on of1.
so not create duplicate files !?!

Astrobasic / import strings with complex characters
« on: May 23, 2023, 05:19:18 PM »
I'm importing a .txt file via the lineread command '<name>Ören, Aras</name>'

when importing, the string "Ören Aras" debug looks like this {\-61, \-106, ren Aras\0, \0, \0, \0,}

unfortunately in planetdance it is displayed as 'Ă–ren Aras'

do you have a solution to the problem? Thanks

Planetdance for windows / Primary directions under pole
« on: June 29, 2022, 09:14:06 AM »
I'm trying to understand the primaries under pole and I would like
share some thoughts with you.
The routine present in the Primary Ptolemaic Directions,
developed with semiarchs, with planets without latitude
is very good.
Reading Argoli, he uses the method
of the Promissor direct to the Significator'pole.

I know how compute the significator'pole using this formula:
tan pole = sen (1/6 * DA * DH) cotan DEC of planet

I replace it for geographic latitude in the calculation of DA of the Promissor.
Then I calculate the Promissor under pole of significator.
Using the standard routine (semiarcs).

Can you tell me if the procedure is correct or there are other ways you have tested?

Astrobasic / create a temporary file
« on: September 01, 2020, 07:04:05 PM »
greetings to all.
I try to ask for help to solve a problem on a module we would like to create.

the problem is not selecting a database and scrolling through the data
but temporarily stores the resulting data from each theme on a temporary array / file.
increasing a total to snap to the detected aspect string
sun at 13 ° from mercury I would like to write
0 (sun), 13 (asp), 3 (mercury), 1 (total readings)
obviously if the data is already present
0 (sun), 13 (asp), 3 (mercury), 2 (total readings)

at the end of the reading, obviously sort the table and
put everything on a file.

This last part we should be able to do it ourselves.
with other languages ​​I would use an indexed file which
I would increase as I add data.

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