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I just learned a very valuable lesson.  :) Simon says that one should not bet when planets are stationary because they can flip one's predictions on their heads. For whatever reason, I was under the impression that this referred to stationary planets that play a key role in a match, such as being a significator. Well, Neptune does not play ANY role and yet look what happened: Wales lost 4-0. It should have been the reverse as the underdog Wales lead by many points.

To be completely forthright, I bet money on Wales not to lose. Aside from the station of Neptune, the Moon was not transiting my natal 8th house and yet not only did my bet lose, it lost by a huge margin!

As a result of this, and because Neptune's first station will continue for the next few days, which will cover all 8 matches, I am no longer comfortable with the predictions I made. I will be following the matches to see whether more predictions are flipped upside down, but will not be betting money on any of them.

Thank you Ed for the parans. I will be checking them and waiting for the quarterfinals.

Continuing with the Sports Astrology predictions for the remaining 4 matches of the last 16 phase of the Euro 2020 football championship.

Croatia 6.97, 3.80 vs Spain 1.61

Saturn afflicts the D9 Asc and the underdog Croatia leads in the sublords and victory house. Favourite Spain basically have just minor indication going for them.

Prediction: Underdog Croatia to win outright. However, if the match starts 36 later, Saturn will be out of orb, depriving the dog of 14 points! So I would follow this match live to see when it starts. Again, given the big odds, to be on the safe side one could bet 1X with odds of 2.42. I say this also because Spain was behind in points vs Sweden and Poland, but because they were such huge favourites, Spain did not lose but drew both matches at home.

France 1.54 vs Switzerland 4.07, 7.62

I have not checked this match because if it starts only 61 seconds later, the Asc/Dsc will change and so will the sublords. I do like Pollux conj Dsc boosting the dog Switzerland with the current Sag-Gem Asc/Dsc degree. Also, if the match starts a little later, Pluto R would hurt the favourite France.

England 2.56 vs Germany 3.32. 3.03

I don't like the chart with so many variables. If the match starts 20 seconds later, the D9 Asc will change and D9 Dsc will be conj Gulika, helping the favourite by 12 points. But if the match starts 70 seconds later, then Ceres would be conj the Dsc, helping the dog Germany by 7 points.
Deneb is conj the IC by longitude and 3 stars are in paran to the Asc/Dsc degree. I am not comfortable with these indications. I don't know whether Deneb works for sports matches and with longitude only. If it does, it would help the dog Germany. On the other hand, Rasalhague is exactly on the Asc, which would help the fav England.

Prediction: This match could go either way. No wonder the odds are so close. Therefore I can't predict this one with any amount of certainty.

Sweden 2.40 vs Ukraine 3.21, 3.39

Sedna is conj the 6th cusp, hurting the favourite by 7-9 points, as per Simon's discovery after he published his book. However, the fav Sweden has an 11 point advantage from the sublords. I don't know whether Rastaban conj the Asc has relevance (possibly negative for the favourite). The fav Sweden have Ma-Ju D9 combo, also adding 4 points.

Prediction: Favourite Sweden to win

Hi everyone,

Finally, it is elimination phase of the Euro 2020 football championship and it is time for more of my Sports Astrology predictions. I will be very brief with the analysis as you by now know involved the system is. For those interested in the calculations, Planetdance does almost all of them for you thanks to the tireless work of Ed. I have only included the charts of the main wheel as I can only attach up 4 files per post. Thus this first one will deal with the first 4 matches.

Wales 5.34, 3.34 vs Denmark 1.86

Asc lord Venus is afflicted by being conjunct Gulika within 1 degree. Also, Ceres is on the Dsc, further helping the underdog Wales. Dsc lord Mars is possibly afflicted by conj the star Asellus Australis.

It is also important to know that if the match starts 50 seconds later, the Asc will be conj Zuben Eschamali, which will help the favourite and would make the match closer, although I would still favour the underdog.

Prediction: underdog Wales to win without extra time. However, given the great odds, one might want to play it safer and bet on 1X with odds 2.00. In other words, the bet would be for Wales to win or draw.

Italy 1.49 vs Austria 4.28, 8.33

Here the opposite is true, that is, because Venus is L7 and still conjunct Gulika, this time the underdog's significator is weakened. This time Mars is L1 and is possibly afflicted by Asellus Australis.

Prediction: Favourite Italy to win. I don't like the low odds in this match, and I like it even less when unpredictable Mercury (turned direct a few days ago) is conj the Asc or Dsc.

Netherlands 1.70  vs Czech Republic 3.96, 5.49

I would stay from betting in this match because Neptune is still stationary and is conjunct the IC, although in the 5th sign. Uranus conj the 6th cusp helps the fav, Neptune R conj the IC helps the dog, but not as much.
There are stars in the Scorpion, Pegasus and Perseus conj the angles, which create a number of variables.

Prediction: Favourite Netherlands to win narrowly, or possibly in extra time or after penalties.

Belgium 2.5 vs Portugal 3.20, 3.22

Dog Portugal has a full SKY and 1/2 PKY is their favour, while the fav Belgium has only 1/2 PKY in theirs and +5 from the sublord table. However, Upaketu is conjunct the D9 Asc, and the later the match starts, the strong this 12 point indication will be for the dog.

Prediction: The underdog Portugal to win. If Upaketu does hurt the favourite and act like Ketu, like Simon Chokoisky says, then the underdog Portugal should win easily and by 2 or more goals because with this indication this match becomes the one where the imbalance in points between the teams is greatest. Even if Upaketu does not afflict the fav, my prediction is still for the Portuguese team to win, but not easily.

Hi Ed,

It is the same: 18.18.53 Aries in Lahiri. But Planetdance shows Ceres to be at 6.32.18 Aries.

Thank you for contributing, Ed. I want to add that the underdog Wales had Uranus and asteroid Ceres conjunct the 7th cusp - indications in their favour. They give 7 points each.

They are not seen in the Vedic chart, but Uranus is seen in the main wheel. The longitude of Ceres is incorrect in Planetdance though, along with several other asteroids.

The favourite Switzerland had Vega on the Asc in close paran/co-rising with the Asc degree on that latitude. That is a huge boost for the favourite. Without it and Zuben Elgenubi, they had no major indications. But we have to remember that the fixed stars are the 8th sphere - above that of the planets.

If Planetdance could calculate parans, that would be fantastic.  :)

My pleasure. Thank you again for offering such great software.

Here is the screenshot again, Jean.

And here is the data: 17 Jun 2021 0h.07m.45s Halle, Germany 8E22, 52N04.

Asc 14.13 Cap, Lahiri

I suppose the reason you are getting many more stars than my list is because, while I am using stars up to magnitude 4, orb 1, declination 0, I am not using all them but a selection of about 80 stars.

I can't explain why it shows Pushya in the column and Asellus Australis in the fixed stars module, but it is the same star, so everything is fine.

I found the 2nd Ras Algethi star, the one in Tau in the list and removed it. Now Planetdance only shows the correct one in Sco with my settings. I have attached a screenshot which shows which one to remove.


I can't use an orb of 2 because it is way to wide and goes against the tradition. The earliest astrological sources all say to use a star within 1 degree.

The way I have set the fixed stars in Planetdance works great for me: 1 degree longitude, 0 declination and selected stars up to 4th magnitude.

Thank you Jean, I updated.

Yes, I have the same settings for the fixed star module and the fixed stars column. After checking some of the fixed stars, I wanted to let users know that the star Asellus Australis - Delta Cancer, is listed with this name in Settings/Fixed stars and in the fixed stars module, but in the fixed stars column it is given as Pushya. It is the same star - 14.52 Can, Lahiri.

Something is going on here. Notice that the screenshot you have attached shows a Ras Algethi star to be also in Taurus and yet also to be Alpha Hercules. This is a mistake. Hercules is close to Sagittarius and Scorpio constellations, not to Taurus.

Notice that Planetdance shows a Ras Algethi in Taurus, but it does not show the Ras Algethi in Sco. Even in the fixed stars module. At the same time, it correctly displays other stars such as Rigel and Alphard, which like Ras Algethi are also not on the ecliptic.

Hi Ed,

Planetdance is indeed helping.

I am sorry but I am reading your message just now. I do plan on publishing other predictions. Let me know if you are interested in anoter specific game. Let's hope the sublords won't change.  :)

I see. So in the case that another fixed star is not listed correctly, you can't make any changes?

Ras Algethi is listed on astro. That is why I quoted it as source. Please see attached screenshot from there.

Thank you Jean, I had not noticed you added that option to Ayanamsha.

Ras Algethi is in sidereal Scorpio, not Taurus. Here are 2 sources + an attached file that shows its position in tropical (2021) and Lahiri.

Hi Jean,

It works with this new update - Regulus is shown to be conjunct the Dsc. I am so glad  :)

I noticed a technical error - the star Rasalgethi, Alpha Hercules is shown to be at 22.17 Tau, Lahiri, conjunct the IC, but it is actually at 22.17 Sco, conjunct the MC. This switching of glyph is also present within the fixed stars module.


Thank you Jean,

I installed the update and Rigel is now indeed shown to be conjunct the IC, but Regulus is not shown to be conjunct the Dsc.

Please see attached file. It is the for the same chart as in the above post.


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