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Astrobasic / drawgrid() and grid()
« on: November 20, 2022, 10:44:45 AM »
Hi there - I am trying to find the best way to display tabular information (e.g. Hellenistic Lots). I was experimenting with grid() and drawgrid() but I couldn't see how to include planet glyphs and sign glyphs.

Is this possible within these frameworks? I think using a grid would be quite a good way to display this sort of information.

Thanks. Ed

Extension Scripts / Sedgwick's Heliocentric Astrology
« on: November 11, 2022, 09:20:27 PM »
Hi there - this is the beta release (v.1.51) of the new heliocentric module. It is based on the work of the American astrologer Philip Sedgwick.

Philip Sedgwick published one of the few modern books on heliocentric astrology entitled The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology.

It should be noted that to recreate the nodal and peri/aphelial positions in Sedgwick's text you will need to set Planetdance to calculate mean nodal positions.

If you download this module, please leave a comment and then you will be automatically updated when there is a new release.

If you have any feedback about this module, please post your comments on this thread.

The script attached here will always be the most recent version.

Planetdance for windows / Heliocentric Astrology Module
« on: November 05, 2022, 08:41:20 AM »
Hi there - I'm working away on a heliocentric astrology module, to celebrate the work of Philip Sedgwick. He wrote The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology and I'm basing the module on this work.

No timeline for this due to my other commitments, but I will release the beta as an extension script on this forum in due course.

Astrobasic / mouseinfo()
« on: October 30, 2022, 12:45:30 PM »
Hi there - I'm a bit confused about the mouseinfo() function. I want to limit a mousedown event to the left button, but I'm not sure how to do this.


Syntax: mousedown(label);

Action: creates an eventhandler for the mousedown event. The global vars mousex and mousey will hold the position of the mouse and mouseinfo will hold info about the event.
'mouseinfo' is a bitfield where bit
0 = leftbutton
1 = rightbutton
2 = middlebutton
3 = shift
4 = alt
5 = control
6 = middle
7 = doubleclick

Extension Scripts / Witte's Uranian Astrology - beta for testing
« on: October 29, 2022, 06:32:34 PM »
Hi there - this script is for Uranian astrology, as developed by Alfred Witte and others at the beginning of the c.20.

This is a beta release for testing. I have removed as many of the bugs that I can find. However, please let me know here if you find any other glitches.

I have coded this using the best of my knowledge of Uranian astrology, but it's not really my thing so if you find any errors let me know.

I hope you enjoy using this module.

Planetdance for windows / Cosmobiology - update v.3.137 - bug fix
« on: October 26, 2022, 07:56:14 AM »
Hi there - Jean will release an important update to the Cosmobiology module today.

v.3.137 - bug fix for midpoint trees display.

This fix is important because the previous code did not capture all relevant midpoints close to the cardinal axes.

Please update to ensure you have the current version.

Many thanks to Volker for helping with the de-bugging.

Planetdance in Action! / Liz Truss - Prime Minister's Diurnal Charts
« on: October 06, 2022, 08:13:36 PM »
Hi there - I have attempted a rectification of Liz Truss' chart, since no time is known. You can find a useful thread on skyscript about this:

One of the more interesting things about this chart, with 2 Scorpio rising, is that it brings this autumn's eclipses into sharp relief in relation to her premiership. This has already got off to a catastrophic start, with the Chancellor's precipitous 'mini-budget' which collapsed the pound.

However, based on this rectification, the eclipses of 25 October 2022 (solar) and 8 November 2022 (lunar) are particularly portentous.

The solar eclipse is at 2 Scorpio, directly on the rectified ascendant. An eclipse on Truss' horizon is not encouraging for her authority since eclipses are traditionally associated with the death or fall of monarchs, or rulers more generally.

Other factors in the diurnal chart for 25 October 2022 reinforce this sense of instability. Diurnal Uranus and Node are on the diurnal IC. This suggests the foundations of Truss' world will be shaken. Note that natal Mars is closely conjunct diurnal IC and the Uranus/Node conjunction. Note that the eclipse squares her natal Sun and is just past the conjunction to her natal Uranus (Sun and Uranus natally in an out of sign square).  Rising diurnal Pluto is square diurnal Mercury. This pair is trigger her natal Jupiter/Saturn/Mercury square.

In truth, Monday 24 October, the day prior to the eclipse, might presage the events of the Tuesday, with MPs returning from their constituencies with bad news from voters. I believe Truss may experience a dramatic ultimatum that reaches a crisis on the Tuesday, the day of the eclipse. On Monday 24 October, diurnal Uranus is exactly conjunct diurnal MC.

Notice that Truss' rectified lunar position, precisely square Neptune and opposite Venus, is in an 8th harmonic relationship with her Jupiter/Saturn square, and broadly with the Mercury and Saturn square. I think this gives Truss a significant vulnerability which is masked by the bull-like unaspected Mars in fixed sign Taurus.

I think that Truss might discover the limits of her forceful persona during these days, as Uranus shocks the natal Mars by transit, and this combination is triggered by the diurnal chart's meridian.

I will write more about the following lunar eclipse in the coming days.

Planetdance in Action! / NFL - 2022-2023 Season - Predictions
« on: September 15, 2022, 07:39:30 PM »
Here is my first prediction for the new season. This is the first week two game between the LA Chargers at the KC Chiefs. The Chiefs are heavily favoured to win. This gives the ascendant, its ruler and the bound lord of the ascendant degree to the Chiefs. The Chargers take the descendant, its ruler and the bound lord of the descendant degree.

My algorithm gives each side seven points. This doesn't necessarily mean a tight or tied game. It means that the algorithm outcome isn't sufficient to determine the winner. The astrologer has to come in with additional interpretation of the data.

In this case, the bound lord of the descendant in the first WSH looks promising for the Chargers. Although it is retrograde, it is moving quickly. It is strengthened by being in its own bound in a fiery sign. Venus, lord of the seventh, doesn't look so promising. It is in its fall in Virgo, in a poor house, the sixth. However, it is in its own bound which gives it some redemption. I like the fact that the antiscion of Venus is on the ascendant, and the antiscion of the ascendant is on Venus. Both of the Charger's rulers have a direct association with the Chief's house. Being a home game for the Chiefs makes this particularly relevant in my view.

The Chiefs' significators are Mars and Mercury. Mars is configured with the ascendant from the third house. This is a good placement, but is marred somewhat by being a cadent place. Mars has no dignity, but is ruled by the bound lord of the Chiefs' angle - Mercury.  Mercury is strengthened by being in its own bound, in the descendant sign - associated with the Chargers. Quarterbacks are often represented by Mercury in the chart, and on the face of it, this looks good for Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs' passer.

However, we have to dig a bit deeper here. Mercury is retrograde and slow - Mahomes is going to find it difficult to get his game going. Mars, the lord of the ascendant, is also slow. Mercury is backing away from Mars, and Mars in the bounds of Venus. Venus and Jupiter, the two classical benefics, signifying the Chargers, are moving quickly.

The Moon, indicating the passage of play, is applying by sextile to Jupiter, and then to trine Fortune. Fortune is in Leo, ruled by the Sun, and in the bounds of Venus. Note that the antiscion of the Sun conjoins Jupiter and vice versa.

In my view the Chargers are on an upset here. The astrology of this match is very similar to that of the final match of week one - Broncos at the Seahawks. In this case the fancied Broncos lost in a tight game to the Seahawks.

A tough game to start!


The Chiefs fought back from a ten point deficit in this one. However, my prediction was incorrect. On to the next game!

I will compare my efforts with the Pickwatch experts:

Experts 1 Astrologer 0


This game highlights the question around retrogradation. I'm fairly sure that retrogradation is not that important in sports prediction. My  algorithm only takes account of the retrograde movement of the inner planets Mercury and Venus. It could be that this is overweighted at the moment, or may not be relevant at all. Either way, a reduction in this score would have given the correct prediction. This is one to watch.

Planetdance in Action! / Diurnal Horoscope - Salman Rushdie
« on: August 13, 2022, 09:22:01 PM »
Salman Rushdie is gravely ill in hospital, having been the victim of a knife attack in NYC. It has been reported that he is on a ventilator following surgery. He sustained a number of wounds, including a stab to the neck.

The seriousness of Rushdie's condition is shown by the diurnal chart for 15 August 2022. Here we have diurnal Mars on the 12H cusp (Porphyry) and diurnal Pluto on the 8H cusp. This is powerful and descriptive symbolism - two malefic planets on the cusps of two of the houses of ill-fortune. Note that Mars is in detriment, ruling the 6H cusp of sickness. Mars is on the cusp of the 12H, showing confinement due to a Martial act, in this case a stabbing.

Note the grand cross, taking in Sun, Fortune, Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Fortune is beset by the malefics Mars and Saturn. Sun is beseiged between Mars and Saturn. It does however have dignity in its own sign. Uranus gives sudden destructive acts in combination with Mars and Saturn.

The Moon is important here and may be protective for Rushdie. Moon has just entered Aries, ruled by Mars. Moon is square the horizon. Ordinarily this would be an ill omen, Moon being ruled by the detrimented malefic on the 12H cusp. However, it is key that the Moon's next aspect is to trine Venus in Leo, and then it moves on to conjunct Jupiter in Aries. The two benefics are in each others bounds (Egyptian) giving them a mutually reinforcing quality. The Moon represents the physical body amongst other things. It is the queen of the corporeal world and governs all things on Earth. By the time of the next diurnal chart, the Moon will have moved past the two benefics, affording Rushdie some protection and luck.

There is no doubt that Rushdie's situation is very precarious. However if he is able to survive the next few days he might recover, albeit slowly. However it is likely that his wounds will be life-changing and will have a severe impact on his health and future life.

Astrobasic / Identifying Sidereal Zodiac
« on: June 26, 2022, 10:14:26 AM »
Hi there - is there a way to identify which ayanamsa is being used? There is ayaname(), which identifies the name of the specific variation (Lahiri, Fagan/Bradley etc) to use in a string, but not the number in the list.

Thanks. Ed

Astrobasic / Aphelion and Perihelion
« on: June 14, 2022, 09:00:19 PM »
Hi there - I am wondering whether there is function to work out the longitude of the points of aphelion (most distant approach to the Sun) and perhelion (closest approach to the Sun) for each of the main planets within Astrobasic. This would be useful for a heliocentric module I am working on.

Thanks. Ed

Planetdance in Action! / England vs Italy - Nations Cup 2022
« on: June 11, 2022, 08:16:36 PM »
Hi there - England play Italy today in the Nations Cup 2022. The match is in Wolverhampton, England, and kicks off at 7.45PM. England are heavily favoured by the bookmakers, and thus are represented by the ascendant in the bounds of Jupiter and ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is trine the ascendant, in Aries, ruled by Mars in Aries. The astrology tends to support the bookmakers here, with England to win. See match chart below.

Result - 0-0 draw. The astrology indicated an England victory. Both sides had chances, but in the end the result suggested an even match.

Diurnal horoscopes or charts are an interesting topic. The idea is very simple: on any day of the year, a chart is calculated for the place and time of birth, using any daylight savings adjustments in place for the original natal chart. This latter condition applies whether daylight savings adjustments are in place on the day for which the diurnal chart is calculated.

The chart angles are very similar to the angles of the natal chart if the diurnal chart is calculated for the birthday in any given year. However, the angles then move through all 360 degrees of the zodiac, during the course of the following year. The MC will move about one degree per day. The rate of movement of the ascendant will vary according to the latitude of birth and the sign rising at the time for which the diurnal chart is calculated. Depending on whether signs of long or short ascension are rising in the diurnal chart will determine whether the rising sign remains constant for more or less than a month.

Let's look at Boris Johnson's diurnal chart for his forthcoming birthday on 19 June. In his diurnal chart on his 2022 birthday, 11 LI 06 is rising. In his natal chart 11 LI 03 is rising. The MC is 12 CN 50 in the diurnal and 12 CN 52 in the natal. The diurnal chart for his birthday is calculated using 2:00PM, with daylight saving (which was in place on his original birthday), and for his birthplace, NYC.

It should be noted that the diurnal chart on the birthday is NOT the same as the solar return chart. A solar return chart is calculated for the moment that the Sun returns to the same degree, minute and second that it occupied at his moment of birth. We note that in Johnson's SR for 2022, the angles are quite similar to the diurnal, but this is a coincidence. In his SR chart, he has 14 LI 36 rising and 16 CN 59 on the MC. This is because Johnson's solar return is only 18 minutes later than his diurnal chart for the day.

The angles for a SR in most other years will be very different to the angles for the diurnal chart on the birthday in any given year.

Interpretatively, this coincidence of the rising and midheaven signs could indicate an extremely significant year for Johnson.

Update: Boris Johnson Leadership Challenge.

Boris Johnson faced a leadership challenge through a vote of no confidence on Monday 6 June 2022. This was the first Monday after the extended Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend. This event illustrates the power of diurnal charts. In the fourth attachment below, the diurnal chart for 6 June is placed inside Johnson's birth chart. Note that diurnal Uranus is at the midpoint of diurnal ASC/MC, bringing this most disruptive planet into very high focus on this particular day in the year. Note also that diurnal Uranus is in the process of triggering Johnson's Jupiter-Neptune opposition. It has been doing this for some time, but the diurnal angles now bring the disruptive power of this Uranus transit to the fore.

Natal Mars is triggered by all the diurnal cusps, grounding the natal potential of this planet on this day, and in the day or two before and after the event. Natal Moon is also triggered by the diurnal house cusps. The day was always set out to be one of high emotion and stress for Johnson. This natal potential (Moon quincunx Mars natally) is never far from the surface for Johnson, and the diurnal angles and cusps bring it in to sharp relief. Interestingly, due to the latitude of New York, this effect is likely to be registered most months, as the ascendant and MC never vary very much from being at right angles to each other in longitude. However, periods of acute stress will arise for a period of two or three days either side of the diurnal ascendant entering Aries or Libra. At this time, the cardinal degrees are on the angles.

Note also that diurnal Moon is approaching natal Uranus. The exact conjunction of diurnal Moon with natal Uranus would occur about two hours after the diurnal chart is cast.

You might want to explore Johnson's diurnal chart for 5 December 2022. Diurnal Uranus is again at the midpoint of ASC/MC, with Jupiter just about to re-enter Aries. In the diurnal chart it has just risen and would have been on the ascendant exactly a day or two before. Note that diurnal Moon and Node are conjunct diurnal Uranus. This period of time looks interesting for Johnson.

See the attachments below to view the charts.

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