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Hi again - here is another classic example of a diurnal horoscope. The diurnal is set for 9 June 2022, the day that the 6 January hearings began. Note that the diurnal ascendant is exactly conjunct Trump's natal Mars. This is very precise, being a few minutes of arc of exactitude. Note also that diurnal Saturn is opposing natal Mars, and has just set in the diurnal chart. (See bi-wheel, diurnal is the inner chart, natal is the outer chart.) The involvement of an angle with natal Mars and diurnal Saturn spells trouble for Trump, the two planets being the traditional malefics.

Diurnal Pluto has been transiting opposite Trump's natal Venus and Saturn conjunction, and is exactly, to the minute, on the cusp of Trump's 6-12 house axis using Porphyry. This is definitely a very poor sign for Trump. There is potentially a world of pain here, with the 6th being associated with sickness, and the 12th being associated with self-undoing, imprisonment and confinement.

I think Trump's problems really begin with the full moon on 11 August 2022. This full moon, is particularly powerful, aligned with Saturn and creating a t-square with transiting Node, Uranus and Mars. The key here is that this configuration, broadly speaking is triggering the midpoint of Trump's natal Mars/Pluto midpoint for much of the autumn. Pluto is in the mix as a trigger for this midpoint too. It is in a hard aspect formation with Saturn and Uranus. I think Trump is in for a very difficult time between late summer and the autumn of this year.

The quadwheel shows the transits, solar arc and progressions for the 9 June 2022. The angles are calculated for the moment of birth for Trump according to the methodology of diurnal horoscope casting.

Here's the kicker: these Pluto transits for Trump are completely bound up with the USA 4 July 1776 Pluto return. Trump's fate is the USA's fate. Whatever happens to Trump in the next 6 months will set the tone for the development of the USA for decades to come.

There is much more to tell about this diurnal natal combination, but there is sufficient astrological evidence here to suggest tough times ahead for Trump.

It is helpful to combine the Flower module (Horoscope-Extra-Flower) with the diurnal horoscope module. The Flower module gives an overview of a whole year (or your preferred time frame). You can also set the start date for the calculations. Using Johnson's chart it is easy to identify the lunation (full moon) of 8 November 2022 as a potential crunch time. This lunation occurs in alignment with the nodal axis (indicating it is a lunar eclipse) and transiting Uranus. The lunation chart can be calculated directly from within the Flower module by right clicking on the relevant date and using the menu button to choose Lunation Charts-Calculate Lunation. By casting a diurnal horoscope you can see the incredible tension Johnson may be under on this date, with transiting Saturn on the diurnal ascendant square to transit Uranus and the eclipse axis. This t-square is aligned with Johnson's critical Jupiter-Neptune opposition in the natal chart.

See attachments for chart wheels.

Planetdance in Action! / Re: Diurnal Horoscopes - Boris Johnson
« on: June 24, 2022, 08:55:56 AM »
Hi there - I've been looking at Boris Johnson's diurnal charts over the next few weeks. It seems to me he has building pressure in the coming weeks, which may focus around beginning of July (4-6th) when diurnal Pluto conjuncts his diurnal IC in his natal fourth house. Note his diurnal Sun conjunct his natal MC, diurnal Moon opposite diurnal Neptune square his natal Sun-Venus conjunction on the cadent houses. This could be symbolic of his loosening grip on power. I am watching the diurnal transits of Pluto, Mars, Saturn and Uranus over the diurnal angles in the coming weeks as significant turning points in his political career. The end of July and the beginning of August could be highly significant when diurnal Saturn contacts the diurnal IC and within a week diurnal Uranus conjuncts the diurnal descendant.

Thanks for your feedback. I will take a look at this. However I'm very busy at the moment so please be patient! Ed

Astrobasic / Re: Aphelion and Perihelion
« on: June 15, 2022, 08:15:29 AM »
For reference:

Perihelion is found using planetnumber 89-97. Aphelion is found using planetnumber 98-106.

From the Astrobasic Helpfiles:


Syntax: getplanet(int planetnumber, int horoscopenumber, real result[6]);

Action: calculates a planet or body. Some results rely on a horoscope being calculated, for others only sethoroscopetime is needed. The array result will have these values:

0 longitude
1 latitude
2 speed (degree/day)
3 declination
4 rectascension
5 radius (astronomical units)

Planetnumbers are:
-2 Armc
-1 Ecliptica
0 Sun
1 Moon
2 Mercury
3 Venus
4 Mars
5 Jupiter
6 Saturn
7 Uranus
8 Neptune
9 Pluto
10 Node (type currently defined in options general)
11 Chiron
12 Lilith / black moon
13 Pars
14 Ascendant
15 mc
16 Vertex
17 Mean Node
18 True Node
19 South Node
20 True Lilith
21 Pholus
22 Ceres
23 Pallas
24 Juno
25 Vesta
26 Nessus
27 Huya
28 Makemake
29 Haumea
30 Eris
31 Ixion
32 Orcus
33 Quaoar
34 Sedna
35 Varuna
36 Selena
37 Cupido
38 Hades
39 Zeus
40 Kronos
41 Apollon
42 Admetos
43 Vulkanus
44 Poseidon
45 Moo node Asc
46 Mer node Asc
47 Ven node Asc
48 Mar node Asc
49 Jup node Asc
50 Sat node Asc
51 Ura node Asc
52 Nep node Asc
53 Plu node Asc
54 Moo node Des
55 Mer node Des
56 Ven node Des
57 Mar node Des
58 Jup node Des
59 Sat node Des
60 Ura node Des
61 Nep node Des
62 Plu node Des
63 Dragon
64 Beast
65 Corr Lilith
66 Priapus
67 Corr Priapus
68 Black Sun
69 Diamond
70 Vulkanus
71 Persephone
72 Ecliptica
73-87 asteroid nodes
88 chiron node
89-97 moon - pluto perihelium
98-106 moon - pluto aphelium

Astrobasic / Re: Aphelion and Perihelion
« on: June 15, 2022, 08:09:30 AM »
Thanks Jean - I'd racked my brains about that but forgot about getplanet(). I appreciate your efforts with this. I will take a look at both options. I should be able to press on with the module now.


Astrobasic / Re: Aphelion and Perihelion
« on: June 14, 2022, 09:48:23 PM »
Hi Jean - if you have some time it would be really helpful to have the degree in longitude for the heliocentric position of the aphelion and perihelion of each of the main planets (Sun-Chiron). Philip Sedgwick uses these points in his heliocentric approach (The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology). I have attached a screenshot of the module as work in progress.

Thanks. Ed

Astrobasic / Aphelion and Perihelion
« on: June 14, 2022, 09:00:19 PM »
Hi there - I am wondering whether there is function to work out the longitude of the points of aphelion (most distant approach to the Sun) and perhelion (closest approach to the Sun) for each of the main planets within Astrobasic. This would be useful for a heliocentric module I am working on.

Thanks. Ed

Planetdance in Action! / England vs Italy - Nations Cup 2022
« on: June 11, 2022, 08:16:36 PM »
Hi there - England play Italy today in the Nations Cup 2022. The match is in Wolverhampton, England, and kicks off at 7.45PM. England are heavily favoured by the bookmakers, and thus are represented by the ascendant in the bounds of Jupiter and ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is trine the ascendant, in Aries, ruled by Mars in Aries. The astrology tends to support the bookmakers here, with England to win. See match chart below.

Result - 0-0 draw. The astrology indicated an England victory. Both sides had chances, but in the end the result suggested an even match.

Diurnal horoscopes or charts are an interesting topic. The idea is very simple: on any day of the year, a chart is calculated for the place and time of birth, using any daylight savings adjustments in place for the original natal chart. This latter condition applies whether daylight savings adjustments are in place on the day for which the diurnal chart is calculated.

The chart angles are very similar to the angles of the natal chart if the diurnal chart is calculated for the birthday in any given year. However, the angles then move through all 360 degrees of the zodiac, during the course of the following year. The MC will move about one degree per day. The rate of movement of the ascendant will vary according to the latitude of birth and the sign rising at the time for which the diurnal chart is calculated. Depending on whether signs of long or short ascension are rising in the diurnal chart will determine whether the rising sign remains constant for more or less than a month.

Let's look at Boris Johnson's diurnal chart for his forthcoming birthday on 19 June. In his diurnal chart on his 2022 birthday, 11 LI 06 is rising. In his natal chart 11 LI 03 is rising. The MC is 12 CN 50 in the diurnal and 12 CN 52 in the natal. The diurnal chart for his birthday is calculated using 2:00PM, with daylight saving (which was in place on his original birthday), and for his birthplace, NYC.

It should be noted that the diurnal chart on the birthday is NOT the same as the solar return chart. A solar return chart is calculated for the moment that the Sun returns to the same degree, minute and second that it occupied at his moment of birth. We note that in Johnson's SR for 2022, the angles are quite similar to the diurnal, but this is a coincidence. In his SR chart, he has 14 LI 36 rising and 16 CN 59 on the MC. This is because Johnson's solar return is only 18 minutes later than his diurnal chart for the day.

The angles for a SR in most other years will be very different to the angles for the diurnal chart on the birthday in any given year.

Interpretatively, this coincidence of the rising and midheaven signs could indicate an extremely significant year for Johnson.

Update: Boris Johnson Leadership Challenge.

Boris Johnson faced a leadership challenge through a vote of no confidence on Monday 6 June 2022. This was the first Monday after the extended Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend. This event illustrates the power of diurnal charts. In the fourth attachment below, the diurnal chart for 6 June is placed inside Johnson's birth chart. Note that diurnal Uranus is at the midpoint of diurnal ASC/MC, bringing this most disruptive planet into very high focus on this particular day in the year. Note also that diurnal Uranus is in the process of triggering Johnson's Jupiter-Neptune opposition. It has been doing this for some time, but the diurnal angles now bring the disruptive power of this Uranus transit to the fore.

Natal Mars is triggered by all the diurnal cusps, grounding the natal potential of this planet on this day, and in the day or two before and after the event. Natal Moon is also triggered by the diurnal house cusps. The day was always set out to be one of high emotion and stress for Johnson. This natal potential (Moon quincunx Mars natally) is never far from the surface for Johnson, and the diurnal angles and cusps bring it in to sharp relief. Interestingly, due to the latitude of New York, this effect is likely to be registered most months, as the ascendant and MC never vary very much from being at right angles to each other in longitude. However, periods of acute stress will arise for a period of two or three days either side of the diurnal ascendant entering Aries or Libra. At this time, the cardinal degrees are on the angles.

Note also that diurnal Moon is approaching natal Uranus. The exact conjunction of diurnal Moon with natal Uranus would occur about two hours after the diurnal chart is cast.

You might want to explore Johnson's diurnal chart for 5 December 2022. Diurnal Uranus is again at the midpoint of ASC/MC, with Jupiter just about to re-enter Aries. In the diurnal chart it has just risen and would have been on the ascendant exactly a day or two before. Note that diurnal Moon and Node are conjunct diurnal Uranus. This period of time looks interesting for Johnson.

See the attachments below to view the charts.

Planetdance for windows / Diurnal Horoscope
« on: June 05, 2022, 05:23:01 PM »
Hi there - Jean will be releasing an update for this module:

Horoscope-Progression-Diurnal Horoscope: v.2.12 - v.2.12. - calculation bug fixed - tested against known charts.

From the Help:

This module calculates an individual horoscope for the day, based on the time and place of birth. The time used is GMT, irrespective of the place of birth.

This ensures that the chart is calculated consistently for any day chosen. The default date of calculation is today. However users can change the date for any preferred option. The chart is calculated by clicking 'Go'.

Once the chart for the selected day has been calculated, the diurnal horoscope can be advanced or regressed one day at a time, using the same birthtime, using the +/- day buttons in the toolbar.

For further information see: (This web resource is recommended as a clear description of the method, although I think her chart example for Barack Obama should be calculated for the 5 November 2008.)
Vera Pompeii (1995) The Diurnal Horoscope. In An Astrological Anthology. Volume One: 1959-1970. Selected and arranged by Zach Matthews. The Astrological Association, London. (Originally published The Astrological Journal, vol. 8, no. 4, p. 38).
David Cochrane (2015)

Planetdance for windows / Re: Astrocartography questions
« on: May 24, 2022, 08:25:01 PM »
Thanks Volker - that's a great tip. Ed

Hi Lisha - the pointer is pointing at 85 degrees, not exactly at Neptune. I think that explains the difference. The dial moves in increments of either 1/4 degree, 1/2 degree etc. I hope that helps. Ed

Hi Volker - that's correct. Thanks for your help. Ed

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