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Topic based lots
« on: February 04, 2021, 08:51:50 PM »
Hi there - here is the way to calculate lot positions by topic rather than degree. The example Chart is Beethoven, available in the planetdance database. We will look at the example of the Lot of Jupiter (Victory) in this chart.

The first thing to note is that the signs are always counted in zodiacal direction. The next thing is that you have to count from the topic position of Jupiter to the topic position of daimon for the night chart.

JU = Capricorn/3rd topic
DA = Scorpio/1st topic (the zodiacal position is in Libra, the 12th topic, calculated from degree to degree).

Note that if you count from Jupiter to the zodiacal position of Daimon you aren't comparing topical positions of the lots and planets. Jupiter is in its topic position, but Daimon in this instance (in the 12th) would have been calculated by degree.

If you start at Jupiter and count off the signs in zodiacal order I get 11 to the TOPIC position of Daimon in Scorpio. The topic containing Jupiter is counted as 1. 11 Signs from the horoskopos is of course the 11 topic position = Virgo. So the Lot of Jupiter moves to the 11th topic/Virgo using this system, from Leo, its position calculated by degree.

See attached screenshot to follow the working.