Author Topic: Diurnal Horoscope - Salman Rushdie  (Read 526 times)

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Diurnal Horoscope - Salman Rushdie
« on: August 13, 2022, 09:22:01 PM »
Salman Rushdie is gravely ill in hospital, having been the victim of a knife attack in NYC. It has been reported that he is on a ventilator following surgery. He sustained a number of wounds, including a stab to the neck.

The seriousness of Rushdie's condition is shown by the diurnal chart for 15 August 2022. Here we have diurnal Mars on the 12H cusp (Porphyry) and diurnal Pluto on the 8H cusp. This is powerful and descriptive symbolism - two malefic planets on the cusps of two of the houses of ill-fortune. Note that Mars is in detriment, ruling the 6H cusp of sickness. Mars is on the cusp of the 12H, showing confinement due to a Martial act, in this case a stabbing.

Note the grand cross, taking in Sun, Fortune, Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Fortune is beset by the malefics Mars and Saturn. Sun is beseiged between Mars and Saturn. It does however have dignity in its own sign. Uranus gives sudden destructive acts in combination with Mars and Saturn.

The Moon is important here and may be protective for Rushdie. Moon has just entered Aries, ruled by Mars. Moon is square the horizon. Ordinarily this would be an ill omen, Moon being ruled by the detrimented malefic on the 12H cusp. However, it is key that the Moon's next aspect is to trine Venus in Leo, and then it moves on to conjunct Jupiter in Aries. The two benefics are in each others bounds (Egyptian) giving them a mutually reinforcing quality. The Moon represents the physical body amongst other things. It is the queen of the corporeal world and governs all things on Earth. By the time of the next diurnal chart, the Moon will have moved past the two benefics, affording Rushdie some protection and luck.

There is no doubt that Rushdie's situation is very precarious. However if he is able to survive the next few days he might recover, albeit slowly. However it is likely that his wounds will be life-changing and will have a severe impact on his health and future life.