Author Topic: Code for Receptions in Interpretations / Vimshottari Dasa don't respond to Ayan  (Read 449 times)

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Hi Jean (or to whom it may concern),

first of all, thank you very much for this great piece of software I just came about a few days ago. I really appreciate it!!!!

a) What I am looking for, is a code like the ones given in the interpretation.txt that displays receptions, in Jyotish called Parivartana Yogas (9th Lord in 10th Bhava and 10th in 9th Bhava). Is there something like that?

b) In "Horoscopes" - "Vedic" - "Vimshottari Dasas" nothing changes in the Dasa-Bhukti-Time-Table, when I change the Ayanamsa. It always says: Ayanamsa: none. (when changing the year length, this changes the dates). Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

c) In Jyotish we have Sankhya Yogas, that explain the distribution of the planets sun - saturn (no nodes, no outer planets) through the signs (independent of everything else like elements etc). Do you see a possibility to put this into the programm, so that it can be linked to an interpretation file. something like "all planets in 1 sign", "all planets in 2 signs" etc.

thank you very much in advance!


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Ed does the classic section, but he's busy at the moment. In time he will surely respond.
Greetings from Groningen Netherlands <)))><.`.><(((>