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comboboxcmd has been replaced
« on: May 07, 2023, 02:20:27 PM »
comboboxcmd has been replaced with command(COMBO functions:

16: Adds str to combobox, parm4 points to str.
17: Returns the the str in the combobox that's currently selected
18: populates a combobox with all housesystems except gauquelin, it will also adjust the return index value to compensate for the misssing entry. Also command(COMBO, n, 6, 0) will compensate for it.

example of the last one, handy for comboboxes for housesytem without gauquelin getting in the way:

char dummy[0][0];
combobox(x, y, width, dummy, housesys, go);
command(COMBO, 0, 18, 0);

creates a full functional combobox for housesystems without gauquelin.
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