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Liz Truss - 2022 Solar Return
« on: May 21, 2023, 08:28:24 PM »
Hi there - I am doing the final testing on a new module: Medieval Forecasting Methods. To demonstrate the usefulness of this module, I will take a look at Liz Truss's solar return for 2022. Truss has the Sun at 2 Leo 57 - it is in dignity (rulership) and elevated, being in the tenth whole sign house and the ninth by Porphyry. The Sun is in the bounds of Jupiter and the triplicity ruler is Jupiter. All things considered, this is a powerful solar position.

Truss' rising sign is Scorpio, based on the rectified 14:35 time for her birthplace. This makes Mars a key planet in the horoscope. Mars, however, whilst angular in the seventh by whole sign house and Porphyry, is in detriment in Taurus. Mars is in the bounds of Jupiter, and Jupiter is in Aries in the bounds of Mars. This mutual reception ties the two planets together. Jupiter is trine Leo, the tenth whole sign house, but is in the whole sign sixth and the Porphyry sixth. This house placement is not helpful and Jupiter is going to struggle to express itself except through Mars.

Truss' Mars is likely to be stubborn, combative, oppositional and defiant - being in Taurus is likely to give Truss an indefatigable will. However, being in the descendant, Mars is likely to appear very forcefully to other people. I'm not sure that Truss would be entirely likeable, particularly if you happened to get in her way.

In Truss' SR for 2022, Jupiter rises in Aries. This is the first indication that the twelve months from July 2022 is likely to be one in which Truss seeks success and comes into power. During the course of these twelve months, Truss will experience a Jupiter return. Note that natal Jupiter, moves from the sixth WSH to the first WSH in the SR. The challenge with this is that Jupiter is quite uncomfortable in the WSH sixth, being in aversion to the ascendant. It is not a planet that Truss will find easy to integrate. In 2022, her Jupiter is thrust into the limelight rising in the SR.

2022 is a twelfth house profection year. This is not particularly auspicious as the twelfth house is often cited as a place of self undoing. Note that Libra, the twelfth WSH natally, comes to the SR descendant. Truss' vulnerabilities and insecurities will be on public display for all to see. The Lord of the Year (LoY) is Venus. Venus is square Jupiter in the SR chart. This places the two benefic planets in aspect, albeit a challenging aspect. Venus is in the WSH fourth house, angular, and in Cancer, and close to the IC. The Moon is approaching a conjunction with Venus, firstly to square Jupiter itself. Venus is in its own bounds. In many ways I think the success of Truss' 2022 return turns on the way she is able to harness Venus. However, her default response to situation is Martian - confrontation - rather than Venusian - conciliatory.

Mars, lord of the SR ascendant, is in Taurus, reflecting the natal position. In fact, Truss is due to experience a Mars return a few days after the solar return. This is particularly emboldening, but just strengthens the stubborn resolve of the natal Mars in Taurus. Mars is close to the north node, bringing the eclipses into prominence. Truss' first and seventh houses are hit heavily by eclipses during 2022-2023, emphasising the Venus-Mars dynamic in her chart and solar return.

Lastly I will look at Saturn. The greater malefic is the most elevated planet in the return. It is in Aquarius, and therefore in dignity, and in the bounds of Mars. Broadly speaking Saturn and Mars are square to each other; Saturn is square the nodal axis. The critical point is that SR Saturn is conjunct Truss' natal IC precisely. Saturn is not really aspecting any planets - it is isolated from the rest of the chart. This speaks of taking on a burden, but without much support or respite. Natally Saturn is peregrine and in detriment. It is elevated but ill-placed in Cancer. Saturn is a cold, dry planet, being melancholic - Cancer is a cold, wet sign, phelgmatic. Although the moisture of Cancer relieves the discomfort and chill of Saturn to a degree, this placement still feels uncomfortable and distant.

I will continue this analysis at a later date.