Author Topic: Liz Truss - 2024 Election Outcome  (Read 87 times)

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Liz Truss - 2024 Election Outcome
« on: July 05, 2024, 10:01:52 AM »
Hi there - I have looked at Liz Truss's chart before on this board. You can see the previous posts at:,302.0.html,332.0.html,402.0.html

We don't have a confirmed birth time for Liz Truss. I have been working on a rectification of her natal chart. I have favoured times around 14:30 in the afternoon, with most of the posts using a chart cast for 14:35. However, one of the options I have looked at latterly is a time of 14:25. Using the diurnal chart for 5 July 2024, the day of her defeat in the 2024 General Election, we can see that this time is likely to be the primary candidate now for a correct birth time.

The angles of the diurnal chart now decisively pick up key configurations in her natal chart. She has natal Jupiter setting precisely in the diurnal chart. This is effective symbolism for the end of her parliamentary career. Liz Truss has been living through a life-changing transit of Pluto opposite her natal Sun. The midpoint of diurnal Pluto/natal Sun is exactly aligned with the diurnal meridian, bringing her downfall in symbolic terms. Her natal meridian in 21 Leo/Aquarius is about to be triggered by the double impact of diurnal and natal Mars (Truss has just had Mars return). Diurnal Uranus is approaching her natal South Node on the diurnal 8th house cusp. This is the shock of her defeat and the karmic quality of the moment.

Diurnal Neptune, the planet of dissolving and washing away, of illusions and dreams, is approaching the 6th house cusp. In diurnal charts this cusp (using Porphyry) seems to portend ill. The exact alignment will occur in 3-4 days, just as Truss's natal Uranus rises in the diurnal chart. Truss will need to re-invent herself and she may double-down on her 'radical' economic and libertarian theories. Whether this is productive, or leads to her symbolic 'disappearance' remains to be seen. She will no longer have the platform of being an MP from which to espouse her views.

Other key alignments include Truss's natal Saturn partile square to the diurnal horizon and square to her setting natal Jupiter. Saturn is the planet of limitations and responsibilities. Symbolically this represents the end of a journey for Truss, and a significant loss of status as natal Jupiter sets diurnally. Diurnal Jupiter approaches close to her natal 8th cusp, a transit that does not portend good. Diurnal Jupiter is precisely aligned to the degree with Truss's highly significant t-square involving Venus, Moon and Neptune.

The coming week to 10 days looks highly significant for Truss, with natal Uranus coming to the diurnal ascendant. Diurnal Neptune crosses the diurnal 6th house cusp. Diurnal Pluto, opposing Truss's natal Sun, with diurnal Venus crossing this axis, will then come to square the diurnal horizon leading to a personal and professional reckoning.

In my view, the 14:25 time is a workable and very viable option for rectification of Liz Truss's birth chart. It is about ten minutes earlier than some of the times I have used previously, but rectification is rarely an exact science.

Note that Isaac Starkman has rectified her chart to 14.44.12 BST Asc 10Sco51'.

My rectification brings 7 SC 31 to the ascendant.

See screenshots for charts.