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Multiple Document Interface
« on: September 10, 2020, 07:22:17 PM »
After lots of storm, the dust is settling down. Ab scripts can have embedded windows.

This seems a succes, i like it a lot. Pretty, user friendly, better monitor size support, options for extra menus.
See ab editor - templates - embedded, it contains

Code: [Select]
window(0, 0);
button(10, height - 30, "Menu", NULL);
command(BUTTON, 0, 10, 0);
command(MENU, 0, 12, 0);

The first line is the new window mode.

This is the updated help for window()

There are two special kind of windows possible, the first is when you use window(0, 0);

This makes the script window an 'MDI child', Multiple Document Interface, it embeds itself in the main program just like a horoscope (or graph or moving wheel). The Horoscope menu changes to a menu with the name of the script and it will contain all the menu() items from the script.

You can do command(MENU, 0, 12, 0); preferably on the line just before run; it will do two things:
- it will make a copy of the menu in the script mainmenu into a rightmouseclick popmenu, so the user can rightclick anywhere in the window for the script menu (just like the horoscope window).
- it will add a menu item Output, with subitems Copy to clipboard, Save Bitmap and Print to both menus.

You can also put a special ^button^ on the script like this
button(x, y, "Menu", NULL);
command(BUTTON, buttonnumber, 10, 0);

^setcaption^ will only set the upper caption in the mainwindow, if you want it to change the caption in the tab use command(FUNCTION, 67, x, 0); where x is on/off.

You should use 'width' and 'height' when designing your window and try to fit at least on 1920x1080 as well as 1366x768, in this case you can support the majority of screensizes.
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